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Why, Faust, Why?

By February 2, 2018Poetry


Why, Faust, why?

Why did you shuffle all the decks

And deal wild cards around?

Have you made the world much better?

Or did you make it worse

When you sold your soul to Satan

So you could be a quasar

Pulsating, shining, shooting star

Eating out your pale soul

Bleeding energy and light

Why, Faust, why?

Did you satisfy your longing for eternity?

Your lust for endless space?

You broke out from your matrix

Of the old world and tradition

Outward, onward, upward, over

To conquer and to sail

You reached the ends of Earth itself

The edge of all the world

You warped what was reality

And slashed thru all the walls

Like a wormhole, the world inverted

East was West and West was East

The Earth left bleeding in your dust

Dust that changed the world forever

With new horizons now envisioned

And new demons in the sky

Oh, Faust, what have you done?

How will you now survive?

Now that your soul turns black with emptiness?

No mountains left to climb now, Faust

Nothing left to do but die

You were to the world a dying angel

Destined to grant them gifts

Then disappear

Oh, why Faust, why?

Why did you do it?

And will you ever live again?

Can anyone live now that we have no meaning?

Now that you have given the world understanding?

And Nihilism?

You dark, evil, angry angel

You scourge upon man’s blissful ignorance

Why, Faust, why?

Why did you lift the world out of darkness?

And now that we know what we are

Do any have reasons

Save for the stupid?

The ignorant?

The shallow hypocrites?

Why, Faust, why?

Can there be joy where there is knowledge

Save in opium and wine?

Damn you and this world you gave us!

Give it back to nonexistence

Surrender it to the abyss

Return it to the darkest depths of deepest seas

Bury it in the ocean forever

Force it into the womb of nothingness

Back into God’s mind from whence it came

Let man become a beast again

Return him now to Eden’s garden

Past Seraphim with flaming swords

Spit the fruit back in Eve’s face

And split the serpent right in two

But, no, you can never go back now, can you?

Pandora’s box will never close

You cannot wash away your sin

Why, Faust, why?

Why did you try to touch the sun?

Can you repair your wings of wax?

Why did you play with wealth and power?

Why did you hold that evil ball?

That radioactive toy, you fool!

Did you think that you were different

From all those fools who came before?

Babylonians and Romans?

Mongolians and Turks?

Now Mandarin and Brahman

Watch you with a smile

“In our youth, we were like you

And soon you will be us”

Look at all that you have done

Now what will you dare do?

What, Faust, what?

And why, Faust, why?