The American Militant Nationalist Manifesto

By April 10, 2018 November 24th, 2019 Books

The Conservative movement is losing the war against liberalism.

Only with Americanism, Militarism, and Nationalism can We the People turn the tide.

Donald Trump is proving this already, but he should be seen as merely the tip of the iceberg!

Get the blueprint. Hold in your hands the book that is changing the face of the Conservative movement and changing the rules of the twenty-first century. Learn how to defeat liberalism, stop communism, and save America. Order your copy today!

The American Militant Nationalist Manifesto

Get your hands on the revolutionary text that lays out the path to salvation that will one day allow We the People to finally triumph over liberalism, cultural Marxism, and the consumerist world-system. This is the essential read for any patriot ready and willing to help save our noble American republic before it is too late and all is lost forever.

An Original Classic

A Call For Economic Nationalism

Get your hands on the book that prophesied the coming wave of nationalism that has ONLY BEGUN to sweep our nation. Learn the truth and arm yourself with every detail of how traitorous American elites have sold our country down the river and gutted American industry merely to line their own pockets. This is a must read! Get your copy today and gain a full understanding over the systemic problems that have destroyed the American way of life and robbed We the People of our dignity.


Intellectual Vandalism

A collection of weekly essays and articles by two Marine Iraq War veterans from early 2014 through the end of 2016. Relive the events of that tumultuous period through their eyes as they detail in real time the rise of ISIS, Obama’s blunders in realpolitik and the War on Terror, and the nail-biting ascendency of We the People’s champion, Donald Trump.