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Responding to the Rats in South Africa

By March 2, 2018Video

In response to the vote to confiscate White land without compensation earlier this week, the Leader of the Freedom Front Plus political party (the party that represents the White Afrikaner interests), Pieter Groenewald, addresses the parliament of the Republic of South Africa to warn the evil, corrupt, covetous rats who pass for politicians there that “If you continue on this course, I can assure you, there are going to be unforeseen consequences not in the interest of South Africa.”

The translation of the part in Afrikaans is as follows:

“If the government confiscates land without compensation, what will you do with that land? That is the question. What are you going to do with it?

“We know of who’s land you are speaking: everyone says it is the White man that should return the land. We also have to look carefully at this proposal and what the ANC has said. Today, I want to say to all landowners: don’t be mislead into thinking that they are only talking about farmlands. They are talking about all the land. And even if you are a owner of a mere house in a city—do not think that they will not come for your meager holdings as well.

“But I will ask the question again: for what are you going to use the land for? Because if you want to continue to use it to farm, seizing it will prove to be the biggest of failures! The situation in South Africa is only so dire because everything thus far seized by the government has been grossly mismanaged. How will farmlands be any different? Who will work these farms? Who will feed this nation and this continent?

“The Freedom Front Plus will not support this motion to confiscate the land without compensation. Thank you.”