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PodZeen 11 – Stamp out the Stroge Bro

By December 6, 2017Podzeen

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It’s the most hi-T PodZeen yet! The PodZeen crew is joined by Orifice A drummer Skippp Powers to stamp out the stroge bro. The science is settled – when musicians have too much estrogen they make really, really gay music.

Topics include:
  • #welcometohell – SNL pretends to be not rapey
  • #WhiteSharia … which leads to the realization #FatPeopleArentWhite
  • #BASEDRihanna – pop star #Rihanna calls for trans-gender-cide
  • Is Dave Lombardo the ONLY metal drummer?
  • Where is estrogen acceptable? ANSWER – the bedroom and the kitchen.
  • #SoyBoys get out!
Hi T musical selections:
  • Jihad – Slayer
  • Big Dick – NoMeansNo
  • My Dick – Mickey Avalon
  • My Balls – Snot
  • Skin on Skin – Queens of the Stone Age
  • Reptilian – Converge
  • Cyanide Christ – Meshuggah
  • 1997 – Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
  • Queen – Melvins

We also review a band of obvious soyboy Russian nahtzees:

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