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Nationalism: A Note Upon the Bank Bailouts

By December 1, 2017Video

Reading from the American Militant Nationalist Manifesto available at https://vandalvoid.com/store/

Nationalism: A Note Upon the Bank Bailouts

Reading by Sacco Vandal
Music: Untitled XIII by Halindir https://soundcloud.com/vaniardur/halindir-untitled-xiii

The American people have been betrayed. Yes, the communist fiends who hold our nation in bondage betray us in a constant and continuous manner that can never be forgiven; however, the specific betrayal of which I currently speak is that terrible stab in the back that will go down in history as the biggest swindle ever perpetrated against a people by their smug and impetuous rulers: the bank bailouts of 2008.

It was not the first time the banks were bailed out by our corrupt government, and if the current system continues it surely will not be the last. But it is exactly the sort of traitorous activity—committed at the expense of our nation as a whole to the benefit of a small but entrenched special interest—that would never occur under a nationalist form of American governance. Thus, it stands as a perfect case study of what can go wrong in a country that does not operate as a healthy, coherent, and upright nation.

Now, turning to the case study, let us recall that trillions upon trillions of dollars of taxpayer money was stolen from the American people against their wishes by politicians and given to giant, international banks deemed “too big to fail.” The American people were told that this was necessary to save the economy and to save their homes. And yet, nobody has seen a dime of that money save the bankers themselves. Meanwhile, honest hardworking Americans continue to lose their homes in droves with no mercy from the politicians nor the banks that were allegedly bailed out in the name of saving us all.

It would have been better for this country and all the people who inhabit it if the money had gone directly to the people instead of the banks. With the amount of money politicians spent on bailing out their banking executive buddies, every single taxpaying American household—by even the most modest estimates—could have received over one hundred thousand dollars. And it was our money to begin with! Stabbed in the back. The vast majority of average, hardworking, real Americans were completely and utterly against any form of bank bailout from the start—heart and soul against it! And yet, both major political parties somehow managed to finally agree on something, come together, and implement these bank bailouts, which the American people themselves were dead set against. Stabbed in the back. To this day, the noblest of Americans continue to lose their homes—mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, pregnant fiances of combat servicemen off fighting for America across the globe. Stabbed in the back. Nobody benefited from the whole sordid mess other than the corrupt politicians and their bank executive, big shot buddies. Stabbed in the back. The rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer. Stabbed in the back. The American middle class melts away while an entrenched elite sip martinis, smoke cigars, and swindle entire nations so that they may preside over a corpse rather than surrender their cherished positions. Stabbed in the back. Our standard of living deteriorates like vapor before our eyes as lawyers, bankers, and politicians laugh in our face, telling us to shut up and do what we’re told. Stabbed in the back. America is dying but congressmen and senators drive yachts and fly private jets, and CEO’s of Goldman Sachs spend more on one meal than entire American households spend in one month! Stabbed in the back. Our nation’s standard of living is but a shadow of what it once was just a few short years ago, and yet, the villainous bastards who got us all into this mess in the first place are living like kings! Stabbed in the back!

Everyone who had anything to do with the financial crisis—all the conniving lawyers, the Fat Cat bankers, the lying politicians—should all be executed in the name of justice. Their fortunes and estates should be confiscated, and we can use that to pay off the national debt. After all, the burdensome national debt is merely the debt that they created by stealing our money, spending it upon themselves and their friends while America was suffering like a starving child! Careers and fortunes built upon and enjoyed at the expense of the blood and tears of honest, hardworking, God-fearing Americans—that is the nature of these so called “leaders” of our noble nation. Our national debt is nothing more than an account of swindled cash taken from the American people against their will in order to perpetuate a system that resembles tyrants reigning over slaves more than it resembles a free and resplendent America, upright and strong. The vampiric fiends who preside over our destitution are counting on the goodwill and blind trust of the average American in order to maintain their rouse, which they call governance and which we now call tyranny. What we currently behold in America is not a nation. No, it is a gang of sickly thugs presiding over a mass of frightened victims, and these Marines are tired of being trampled on. Don’t tread on me!