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Democracy: The Coming Revolution I

By November 29, 2017Video

Reading from the American Militant Nationalist Manifesto available at https://vandalvoid.com/store/

The American Militant Nationalist Manifesto – Democracy: The Coming Revolution I


Read by Sacco Vandal

Music: DistoDisco XV by Halindir https://soundcloud.com/vaniardur/buubdurub-distodisco-xv

Our age is an ethereal one. Upon the hilltop sits our golden calf—beloved by all the people, and hailed as the holy pinnacle of all humanity. The Earth spins upon its axis, and somewhere, upon its mottled surface, tiny beings scurry about in make-believe play. There is nothing holy about the hollow idol that we lavish praise and service and lifeblood upon. The earth is bleeding and demons litter the sky. A holocaust of truth is in order, and the sordid beings of chaos make their way through this path and that forest. Chains run around the globe and make of the Earth a metal ball. A season of ice has descended upon the humble forces of good; and winter, it seems, shall have no end but continue onward into eternity. Mother Nature will abandon us for our lack of reverence for her devices. God will punish us for our follies. The order that is at work in this realm will order our kind out of existence, and a new being shall be summoned to take our place. Presently, however, the carnival continues. Mankind continues to sacrifice to its false idol, its graven image, its castle in the sky. Democracy has doomed us all because it is not real. No, it is a childhood dream born out of naivety and a fear of facing reality. And it will destroy us unless we destroy it. The memory of Democracy must be erased from the history books. It is to us all, save the parasites, of grave concern.