About Us

Vandal Brothers, LLC is a publishing house dedicated to defending Western Civilization and the shining pinnacle of that civilization, our noble American Republic of We the People: the United States of America. We seek to publish only the books that best advance time-honored Conservative values.


We support and admire the American Founding Fathers, who created the greatest Republic the world has ever known but were unable to forsee the way in which liberal traitors would slowly undermine it step by imperceptible step. We seek not merely to restore the Republic that they created, but to go beyond their courage and vision, and to create an even greater Republic, one that is immune to the cancer of liberalism.


We believe in America’s warrior spirit. We support our American armed forces and the brave Americans who serve in those armed forces. We support our military and our nation’s right to use that military, not to police the world, but to defend itself and its people’s freedoms.


We believe in populism and nationalism. And we support our commander-in-chief, President Donald J. Trump, and his efforts to take back our noble nation from the deep state and globalist elites. America for the common man. America for the working man. America for Americans!