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Yes, SPLC, I am Cool and Sexy, but You Lied About the Rest

By November 28, 2017Blog

Thanks for the lulz, but. . .

So I guess the SPLC attempted a hit piece on me the other day. Of course, they failed miserably because they made me look and sound cool and sexy. But they also straight-up lied, and attempted to paint me as some sort of advocate for terrorism and violence. They utilized a few quotes from Vanzetti and mine’s book, The American Militant Nationalist Manifesto, which was kind of cool, I guess. I mean, it shows that they at least skimmed through it, and I am always appreciative to have my ideas read. Unfortunately, this Brendan Joel Kelley, or whoever he is, did not really seem to understand the concepts laid out in our manifesto, but instead has attempted to conflate the sophisticated nuances of American Militant Nationalism with random acts of street violence. Thus, one of two possibilities presents itself: either Kelley is a completely retarded moron suffering from brain damage; or he is a conniving, spider-like, demonic deceiver, spinning his webs by day and laughing over libations about how he is pulling the wool over the eyes of Americans by night.

Here’s the photo they used for the piece:

Gucci Nationalism, circa April, 2017

Not bad. Not bad. After all, I did manage to impress a lady or two that day. But that’s nothing new. What he forgot to mention is that I’m a one-of-a-kind artist and musician who commemorates some of this epic stuff via song. I mean, who could forget this classic number?:

Oh, wait, I guess he did kind of mention the musician part:

“Sacco, who occasionally entertains other white supremacists with racist songs, has been a prominent presence at some of this year’s most visible white nationalist events.”

You mean awesome songs. These people have no sense of humor. I think Hell might be living with these boring, stupid, sheep-like, always-offended people. I feel like we are actually living in Hell by having to share a nation with these babies. Oh, and this line cracks me up:

“After Charlottesville, where Sacco had been scheduled to perform for the racist hordes, . . .”

Is this guy for real? Racist hordes? White Christian farmers are being slaughtered in South Africa as we speak just for being White. But Americans protesting against the removal of statues commemorating the heroism of their ancestors by opportunistic politicians eager to appease the entitled sentiments of the waves of recent non-White immigrants to our country equals racist hordes? Right. Hey, by chance, did a wormhole open up recently and suck us into some alternate dimension where everyone is a lying hypocrite or what? Seriously.

Anyways, I guess I should probably mention that the crux of Kelley’s girly little article was my association with the White Sharia meme, which Doctor Mayhem, Great Ape Niggy, Vanzetti, and myself coined ironically while having some laughs on episode 13 of The War Room (the episode that got us banned from Sound Cloud 88 seconds after releasing episode 14). That meme was hilarious. We laughed about it and trolled everyone with it for months and months. I’ve almost never had more fun than I had with the joke. Ah, man, and the IRL burka posting. That stuff was gold. And aside from providing the lulz, the White Sharia meme also opened up some opportunities to seriously discuss many of the deeper issues effecting the decline and implosion of our Western Civilization. There was sophisticated and honest debate about the reality of sexual dynamics across time and across civilizational matrices. And all this humorless, monkey-see-monkey-do, stool pigeon of the status quo can burp up concerning the comedic and intellectual richness of this late 2016 and early 2017 culture-form is “muh misogyny.” Go scratch your butt and watch Netflix you regrettable piece of human garbage. You are nothing to me, you bum.

Anyways, so this nimrod does not have a sense of humor when it comes to the ironic-although-intellectually-stimulating meme of White Sharia. Okay, but why now? That meme has been dead pretty much since Unite the Right in Charlottesville. I mean, after you culminate with something like this, where do you go?:

But, yeah, I had personally retired the meme months ago (except for when I did that Santeria parody as a favor for a few close personal friends of mine), and no one really talks about it anymore. Sure, once in awhile someone like Weev might still mention it, but the meme had run its course; it is a dead meme. So why now? Well, I guess retards are just slow. I will note, however, that he seems to have gotten most of his info on White Sharia from that homosexual Counter Currents article written by some fruit loop over there that The War Room boys and I tore apart on air after ripping PhilosophiCat a new asshole on episode 40 of The War Room. BTW, orders from sodomites will not be obeyed.

Okay, so let’s just jump to this crap that baby Kelley tries to pull by equating Vanzetti and mine’s political treatise with the promotion of terrorism or whatever.

“Unlike some of his racist kin who advocate for ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing,’ like white ethnostate proponent Richard Spencer, the ex-Marine Vandal twins openly promote violence. Both are Iraq war veterans, and they write in their book, ‘It would have been better if our noble nation had simply cordoned off an carpet-bombed the entire Middle East, killing every last inhabitant of the Muslim world and leaving it at that.'”

Whoa, whoa, hold up a goddamn second. WTF? Did this little faggot just call me an “ex-Marine?” Listen, cocksucker, once a Marine, always a Marine. Do not make me rip off your head and shit down your neck.

Anyways, how does philosophically mocking the idiocy of our national policy of “liberating” and then abandoning countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya equate to “openly promot[ing] violence?” So when all your Jewish Neocon buddies lobby for war with Iran and Syria, are they “openly promot[ing] violence” too, Kelley? Get the fuck out of here.

“The Vandal brothers call for straight-up race war in their book. ‘We the People must finally embark upon the task of confronting the recalcitrant majority of black America,’ they write, because ‘the preponderant bulk of the greater black proletariat will never willingly assimilate into White bourgeois society.’”

Yes, saying that the American Cultural Organism must “confront” adversarial cultural organisms, such as the black urban proletariat, that want to assimilate us into themselves is akin to “call[ing] for straight-up race war.” No, I think that actually calling for straight-up race war is calling for straight-up race war. Vanzetti and I were actually very careful in our book never to advocate for actual violence or “race war.” We spoke of national policies and of philosophical stances that the American Conservative Movement and in turn our nation should adopt. Why is it that anything but mindless submission to the whims of globalists, internationalists, multiculturalists, anti-Whites, and Cultural Marxists is conflated with “call[ing] for straight-up race war” by these people at the SPLC? One might be inclined to suppose that they are a part of some international cabal seeking to undermine and eradicate Western Civilization and the stock that bears its Western Culture. Its almost like our once noble nation has now been coopted by an apparatus of traitorous elites who do not hold our best interests at heart and want us to shut up, keep our heads down, and hurry up and die. Hey, what do you know? That is exactly what our book, The American Militant Nationalist Manifesto, which this flunky of the elites, Kelley, is so insistent upon bemoaning and demonizing as some sort of terrorist handbook, is about. What a coincidence!

Our manifesto, for anyone who has not yet read it, is actually a brilliant synthesis of the whole school of Western political, philosophical, and anthropological thought. Also, woven into the tome are the many lessons from history that my brother and I have imbibed from our voluminous reading and graduate studies in the field. The reason we chose to call our political philosophy American Militant Nationalism is because we believe that militancy, in a collective or national sense, has been completely overlooked by those contemporaries of ours who seek to explain the meteoric success of the West. We argued strongly against pacifism and praised the conquest ethic of our ancestors who engaged in war in order to better the lot of their progeny.

In doing so, we also mused upon the inescapable essence of militancy inherent in all life itself. We noted that people should not be passive but instead seek to struggle and succeed. Our manifesto advocated a militancy in spirit and outlook. And we argued that America, as a nation, should not abandon war—when actually done right and actually directed towards relevant ends other than nation building or spreading Democracy—as a means of expanding its borders, acquiring resources, or otherwise advancing the interests of the American people and the American people alone. It was actually very beautiful and poetic. The manifesto is a supreme work of art on the level of Nietzsche or Spengler. Just take a sample of this:

“The genius, Clauswitz, analyzed war as nothing more than an extension of political policy. To him, war was simply a natural tool of human communities, utilized—like all other collective policies—to achieve a desired end and nothing more.

“At first glance, this analysis seems only to state the obvious, the given, the self-evident. But if one relaxes appropriately and ponders long enough the radicalism—as well as the reality—of the statement shatters a wall somewhere deep down inside one’s soul, and it pierces one’s brain like a silver bullet through the forehead—war is natural. The taboo was illusory and always had been. War does not represent a breakdown in the natural order of things. On the contrary, war is a divine representative or agent of that greater order that is everything—that grand design that shapes us and our world and guides us through the eons. War is an extension of policy. War is an extension of policy. Grasping this terrible and wonderful concept is akin to the epiphany of the child who, jolted out of his innocence, suddenly awakes in the night to realize that the existence of his parents in this world does not necessarily guarantee his safety. Let the faint of heart cry out. Let the weaklings mewl. Such things change nothing. There is nothing nice in this world save the bosom of a woman. Everything else is a lie—a shallow, sordid, frightened lie we tell ourselves to put our minds at ease.

“And then, without warning, the Jihadist has set off a bomb that introduces you and several dozen others to oblivion for no good reason save that Jews inhabit Israel. Or the cartel gangster who has wandered across the border in order to distribute cocaine has decided to transform your existence into nothingness simply because he sees you as a filthy “gringo.” Or the desperate hoodlum in the night takes away your life for the spare bills within your wallet—twenty-seven measly dollars. How fleeting our ideals are. How fleeting is each flame of life. How lost and sad our destiny.”

But peevish little bugmen over at the SPLC like Kelley cannot comprehend the fact that I am a poet and an original thinker of a caliber that he could never even dream of equaling. I write books that are on the level of Aristotle and Shakespeare, rolled into one. He does nothing but sit on the sidelines and scoff at his betters. He is the sort of cultural debris that Vanzetti and I warned about in our manifesto as the archetypical liberal: the weakling and the villain commingled into one fiendish and traitorous personality. He is a failure at everything in life save subversion. Him and his kind want to murder the White American Cultural Organism. Lying cads like him deserve to be summarily executed—not by street mobs, to be clear, but as a national policy, by order of Congress or something, if you will (I mean, since I have to spell it our for you as if talking to a three year old so as to prevent you from conflating my prose with calls for violence or whatever, Kelley, you jellyfish).

Oh, this part was fun:

“The brothers couch their militancy in their background as Marines, and in their book they write, ‘The day is soon coming when the Commandant of the Marine Corps, or some other great hero, will stage a coup, declare martial law, expel or eradicate all the liberals and traitors, and reconstitute the Republic.

“It should be noted that after Charlottesville, Commandant of the Marine Corps General Robert B. Neller tweeted, ‘No place for racial hatred or extremism in @USMC. Our core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment frame the way Marines live and act.'”

What, does this guy actually think that we were calling upon General Neller to stage a coup? People cannot be this dumb. They literally cannot be. This is retarded. Vanzetti and I were just making the point that if the liberals keep accelerating all their bullshit, then one day down the road some sane person high up in the military might actually try to stage a coup. What, does this idiot think that coups never happen? Look around the world, moron. Open up a history book. If our country keeps spiraling downward and downward, the question of a coup is not an if but a why. And this is not even me advocating anything. This is simply me using critical thinking to state inarguable facts about the real world that we live in. When countries breakdown or spiral out of control, eventually, inevitably, military coups often follow.

“The Vandal brothers declare in their manifesto, ‘I say to you now: the Creator has written it upon existence, clear as day, that we are to rape, pillage, and plunder the nations of our enemies.'”

Take a single class on history or anthropology. Christ, just open up the Bible and read what God commanded the Hebrews to do to the Canaanites. Human history runs red with the blood of countless dead. Our ancestors evolved within a matrix of rape, pillage, and plunder. It is a fact of nature. It is literally written in our DNA. I know this because I am not a moron that regurgitates all the contemporary propaganda that liberals in Hollywood and Washington force feed me. I have a mind of my own and I know how to meditate upon the meaning of life and the Universe and draw conclusions through critical thought. You, Kelley, you are like a stupid little robot that is programmed to perform all the daily tasks of being a human but lacks that one thing called a brain, which actually allows us to ponder and cogitate upon the deep questions of existence. I feel bad for you actually. I cannot imagine being that lackluster of an original thinker to the extent that you cannot even entertain thoughts about the essence of reality, the Universe, or life itself. Pathetic, really.

Vanzetti and I are original thinkers. Our book is brilliant. It is not a call for nor is it advocating street violence. On the contrary, it is a sophisticated and poetic historico-philosophical call for Modern American Conservatism to adopt healthy doses of militancy (in outlook, spirit, stance, etc.) and nationalism into its national program. Also, White Sharia was a funny joke that we used as a fun brain exercise or thinking tool in confronting the difficult questions surrounding how to keep the eternal war between the sexes from paralyzing our nation and our people in this late-cultural form-world that we as Westerners now find ourselves inhabiting. You, Kelley, are a jealous little worm and charlatan. The SPLC is a piece of trash. Its sole purpose is to gut the American Cultural Organism in order to make way for the Third World tsunami that will provide pliable slaves for the traitorous liberal elites who seek to cement their rule of Oriental-style despotism over our once egalitarian and homogenous American nation. You people make me sick. Everyone sees through your lies and you have done nothing to faze me. Go back to the drawing board, scum.


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    “Its almost like our once noble nation has now been coopted by an
    apparatus of traitorous elites who do not hold our best interests at
    heart and want us to shut up, keep our heads down, and hurry up and die.”
    best line ever

    • Yeah, it must be some sort of (((coincidence))), amirite?

  • frogsupreemist

    White Sharia never dies. kek wills it!

    • There is but one true God, his name is KEK, and the War Room is his messenger.

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    Great response Brother !

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    They didn’t even mention the white space marines ready to deploy from the 88th dimension.

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    The comment section of the SPLC article is gold. Suddenly J-leftists are deebly goncerned about sharia, you just had to add “white” to it.

  • The All Seeing Bry

    I swear these jews are always a few steps behind us. Always trying to resurrect an old meme. This is a good. We are engaged in a game of cat and mouse. All they can do is chase, we are leading, we are changing the culture.

    We have them on the defense trying to defend against our ideas.

    May White Sharia live forever.

  • Japheth

    With all the rampant trad thottery going down, we need the War Room to come back now more than ever.

    Signed –

    A White Man, Living in White Afghanistan, Practicing White Sharia, Under the Holy Law of The White Mohammed, Psycho Sacco Vandal.

    Hail Victory and ammmmbien borthurs!!!!!

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      Where is White Afghanistan, anti-Semite?

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        Why do you defend pedophilia by your catholic church?