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Will the World Finally Wake up to the Genocide in South Africa?

By February 8, 2018Blog

Recently, Lauren Southern traveled to South Africa in order to do some reporting, and she has recently released the trailer for her forthcoming documentary on the “Rainbow Nation”:

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it apparently takes a TradTHOT YouTube CamWhore to get the job done. Nevertheless, this is an important documentary and I am both glad and thankful that she is actually using her fame and funding to actually do something of great importance. And apparently, she is already succeeding in bringing attention to the ongoing genocide of Whites in South Africa. Just the other day, Janice Ann Atkinson, a member of the European Parliament representing South East England, was spurred on by Southern’s new trailer to speak on behalf of the White South African plight:

Will the world finally wake up to the genocide of Whites in South Africa? Only time will tell, but this is an important great step in that direction. Until the documentary is in post production, Southern will continue to release small segments of content related to it on her YouTube channel. More can be learned about the project at https://laurensouthern.net/farmlands/