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Why We Need White Sharia

By August 3, 2017Blog

Although the White Sharia meme is nearly a year old (and has been in the spotlight for over six months), and despite the fact that the Daily Stormer and podcasts like The War Room and Exodus Americanus have spent countless hours explaining it, there still seems to exist a lot of confusion, ignorance, and self-deception about it amongst its critics.

First off, let’s get one thing crystal clear. White Sharia is not a PUA tool. White Sharia is not beta rage. White Sharia is not a PUA tool for losers who cannot attract a woman and are thus suffering from beta rage. White Sharia has nothing to do with improving people’s personal lives nor securing them women nor getting them laid nor providing on outlet for sexual frustration. White Sharia is a political and historico-social philosophy that takes in the grand lessons of history, commingles them with the political and demographic realities of the day, and recommends meta shifts in grand collective strategies aimed at the preservation and strengthening of our race.

Western culture has undergone a long process of punctuated mutations that has placed our people in an unprecedented maladaptive state of being. Our civilization is not sustainable. Many on the Alt-Right are aware of this reality to at least some degree. And many are quick to offer up various remedies. “Try not to be degenerate.” “Don’t smoke weed.” “Get married.” “Try to have a few kids and do your best to raise them right.” These are all great pieces of advice. And indeed, in many cases, this is probably all any of us may really be able to do at the moment. But this is also probably not enough. The truth is that the situation is extremely dire and perhaps irremediable. That is, of course, unless we are willing to think outside the box and radically alter our approach.

Indeed, half-heartedly holding onto a thin veneer of traditionalism and decency, albeit a very noble endeavor in today’s degenerate liberal world, is like a handful of men attempting to save the Titanic by scooping out water with dixie cups. This reality is why I have consigned myself to dreaming up more radical courses of action to our race’s predicament over the past few years. And White Sharia was simply the funniest, most edgy, and most controversial of these fantastic schemes that I’ve hatched (originally in a very tongue-in-cheek manner).

The justification for White Sharia is simple enough. I crafted it some time after slowly coming to the realization that many of our societal and civilizational problems come from the degree of freedom and “liberation” we afford our women in the White Western world. I had originally been “red-pilled,” so to speak, after reading Patrick Buchanan’s “Death of the West” wherein he demonstrated that the demographics of White Westerners were “the statistics of a disappearing race.” So I had been preoccupied with the abysmally low birth rates of our people for quite some time, lamenting them as I poured over Spengler, Yockey, Toynbee, Quigley, and Huntington. Everyone had a different answer for the root cause of the problem: atheism, affluence, collective exhaustion, destiny, etc. However, it soon became clear to me that, whatever other forces were contributing in a semi-causal sense, the actual mechanism itself was feminism, or the “emancipation” of women.

This video by Black Pigeon Speaks represents a very pivotal moment in my journey towards the realization that the degree of freedom that a society allots its females is directly correlated to the speed in which that society will crumble:

In his video, Black Pigeon Speaks outlines how every civilization throughout history that had allowed its females any degree of sexual choice or freedom inevitably crumbled.

Say what you will about White Sharia, but our people will be virtually nonexistent within a century if the West does not find away to A) end immigration into the West, B) end the growing trend of White women mating with and bearing offspring for nonwhites, and C) drastically raise the White birth rate.

Now, to do this effectively we have to strip females of suffrage and most if not all political, legal, and economic power because A) women are prone to vote for liberal politicians and policies, such as open immigration, B) women in general have no genetically predisposed loyalty to the tribe but will instead seek the perceived strongest men of any racial or ethnic group, and C) women in general have exercised their political, economic, social, and legal rights and powers primarily to curtail the number of children that they would otherwise have in a traditional society.

Now, of course, some unforeseen developments in the scientific world could prove to be game changers. Mass sterilization programs by global elites equipped with plans to raise genetically altered super humans in test tubes would render any sort of worries over our hopeless demographic situation obsolete. But I am not counting on that. The world population stands at 7.5 billion. Of that, only 8 percent are White peoples of European descent. The world population is estimated to grow to at least 9.7 billion by 1950. These projected growths will be occurring amongst nonwhite populations. Meanwhile, the White populations are projected to drastically shrink in real numbers. We are indeed disappearing.

White babies, White babies, and—again—White babies! Members of our race are not having enough children. And one, or two, or three, or four simply aren’t going to cut it. Our men need harems, and the members of those harems need to be baby factories. This is not about muh dicking nor beta revenge uprisings. These are cold, calculated plans to save our dying race. You may not like them. I guarantee your woman does not like them. My intent in meme production is not to socially signal to shield maidens. I don’t care if your modern woman LARPing as a trad wife is offended. White Sharia is a blueprint for salvation. We don’t have to adopt it, but if we don’t, we will most likely perish. Our people will either go extinct within a century or two or we will find ourselves an obsolete, insignificant, and oppressed fossil—like the puny and irrelevant pockets of Assyrians who still live scattered throughout Iraq, Iran, and Syria, precariously hanging onto their existence like an endangered mountain gorilla amidst the remote, clandestine jungles of the Congo.

We need White Sharia. God, do we need it bad.

  • Joseph Kerrick

    Great rant. You hit all the right nails on the head, notably that personal efforts & solutions are to no avail in the real-world political situation. I’ve been writing & ranting on related themes for years, and just a few days ago blogged a spiel on this very topic:


    Maybe we can exchange notes and have some dialogue on the issue. In any case, keep up the good work.

    ~ Joseph