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Which Side Are You On

By January 17, 2018Music

Sacco Vandal’s rendition of Paddy Tarleton’s take on the classic populist folk ballad.


Come out all you nationalists and let our ranks swell

Let’s face the filth that’s sold us out and send them straight to Hell

They say in Mercer county, there are no White jobs there

You’ll either be a pusher or you’ll die in your despair

Which side are you on?

You know they murdered Finnicum and killed our martyrs too

Don’t think just ’cause we’re breathing here it won’t be me or you

And down in South Africa, the White blood is running red

But they won’t call it genocide with 80,000 dead

Which side are you on?

Look upon our history and all our families too

Don’t let our enemies take away what belongs to me and you

And all across America the rats are all demanding more

Do you really think they’ll let you sit it out once they decide that they want war?

Which side are you on?