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What Revealed Versus Stated Preference Can Tell us About White Sharia

By May 25, 2017Blog


By Sir James the Good

In order to understand female “opposition” to White Sharia and White Rape Gangs, you must first understand the difference between revealed and stated preference.
When it comes to sex, women rarely reveal what they want. And frankly, you wouldn’t want them to. A relationship in which a woman tells you what she wants every step of the way would be reductionist, crude, and ultimately a big turn off. The feminist dream in which a husband and wife must sign a detailed contract before every physical interaction, specifying what is and isn’t allowed, would be a nightmare to a normal, functioning human mammal, regardless of gender.

Remember: there are good reasons for the ways in which men and women evolved, even if some of the acquired characteristics no longer fulfill their intended function. Some of our mating patterns are now obsolete. For example, men are apt to select for promiscuous thots or even khazar milkers over a traditional qt3.14 when our rapid-firing amygdalas override our good sense. Rather than bitch and moan, we should strive to harness our id with reason in order to propagate our genes in the most effective manner possible.

But back to revealed vs stated preference. It’s a time-tested theory of communication that body language reveals more than words. For example, if a kneegrow told you he didn’t want a watermelon while drooling and licking his lips, you’d quickly discern his deception. His stated preference was, “Sheeeeeit nigga I ain’t want nonna dat watermelon.” His revealed preference conflicted with this.

If a consumer says he won’t buy any widgets at fourteen shekels a pop, and then proceeds to buy 6 million of them, his stated and revealed preference clearly conflict. It’s introductory microeconomics, and it doesn’t take a (((PhD in econ))) to realize you should go with the revealed preference in such cases.
How does this apply to Shite Sharia? Consider the following scenario: Women claim to not want to be raped. Yet they wear clothing and behave in a manner that clearly indicates a desire to be ravished. Okay, but white, Christian men have a good grasp on our baser desires and can almost always refrain from acting inappropriately. Here’s where things get interesting though.

It’s a well known fact that women are far more likely to vote for liberal or left-wing candidates than men. Liberal or left-wing candidates are far more likely to support the mass-immigration of rapist mud people. This isn’t just incidental, either: Women are far more likely to directly support the policy of mass-immigration from countries where “rape,” as the west currently defines it, is a cultural norm.

The facts are staring us in the face, whether we want to see them or not. You don’t have to be personally acquainted with female sexual depravity in order to understand what’s going on. Women want to be raped. Women are literally voting in rapists from other countries because their men refuse to rape them.

Look, I don’t like rape any more than you do. To be honest, it makes me uncomfortable. I’d prefer a sweet, tender night of lovemaking to choking, slapping, and spitting any day of the week. But who am I to deny a woman’s desires? They are the selectors, after all.