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Trump, Let the White South Africans Come to America!

By March 7, 2018Blog

White South Africans are being slaughtered openly by blacks in the streets of South Africa. Law enforcement looks the other way. White South Africans are being openly persecuted by their own government. The world looks the other way.

Whites are guilty, it is whispered. They “stole” the land the now inhabit and maintain, it is said. People ask: “What are Whites even doing in Africa anyway? Shouldn’t that continent belong to the native Africans?”

Meanwhile, in Europe, the continent is being surrendered to the waves of Middle Eastern Muslims and black Africans who pour in by the thousands each day. They wandered in yesterday, and the entrenched liberal cosmopolitan elite apparatus of the West tells us to just shut up and let them inherit everything.

White European settlers first arrived in South Africa in 1652. At the time, like North America, South Africa was a predominantly uninhabited, virgin wilderness. Black subsaharan Africans are not native to the region but resided only in equatorial Africa at the time and came to South Africa only after Europeans had settled the region. The natives of South Africa, the tawny-skinned Khoisan peoples, lived in sparse tribal groupings similar to the Amerindians of North America at the time of European arrival there and suffered a similar fate.

Beginning in 1654, White Europeans settled, tamed, and made South Africa a beautiful place to live.

Now, today, the swelling black South African majority, insists that White European settlers somehow stole land that they never owned from them. They also claim that this land, that the White South Africans developed and have been maintaining for half a millennium, should be confiscated and given to the pullulating black South African masses.

The South African parliament just voted last week to confiscate all farmland from White South Africans without compensation. Meanwhile, the nation’s political leadership continuously inflames rhetoric that Whites are to blame for all the nation’s problems, incites the black population of the nation to commit violence against the shrinking White population by singing songs that celebrate the killing of Whites, and promise that Whites will one day be slaughtered.

This is a real genocide. But, like the Christians being massacred by Islamists in the Middle East, this actual genocide that is going on right now in front of our very eyes is being ignored by all major media outlets throughout the West.

If any people anywhere ever truly needed our help, it is the White South Africans.

80,000 White South African farmers have been murdered by blacks since the end of Apartheid in 1994.

Earlier this week, I came across a petition to President Donald J. Trump, calling on him to “initiate an emergency immigration plan,” which would allow the persecuted White South Africans to escape imminent slaughter and join We the People over here in the United States.

Here is the link to the petition that you, if you have any moral compass or courage whatsoever, should sign no matter what.


Please, however, ignore the nausea you may feel when first clicking on this link as the words, “We have received flags from some Change.org users that some facts contained in this petition may be contested. You may consider researching this issue before signing or sharing,” are displayed across the top of the screen. Disgusting.

How many White South Africans have to die before we can call it genocide?

Even change.org has to take a little jab at the White South Africans when they’re down. Why is that whenever, wherever in the world that Whites are persecuted, oppressed, discriminated against, or given a raw deal, merely pointing out the injustice is considered racist, inflammatory, “hate speech?”

It’s because that’s how you prime a people to grudgingly accept their own slaughter. You beat them up, beat them down, push them into a corner and call them names. Your break their spirit and then you break their neck.

The spirit of the White South Africans was broken two and a half decades ago, and now their necks are being broken as well. Today, in America, We the People’s spirit was almost broken under Obama but got a second wind with the emergence of Donald Trump onto the political landscape. We cannot let the liberal communist traitors break our spirit. Where will we run to once America is gone? Europe is already burning.

We need to make as much noise as we can to everyone we know, to our representatives, to all media outlets and social media platforms. We need to advocate on behalf of the poor White South Africans who need our help now more than ever. They will be a great addition to our noble Republic, and they will help us make America great again.

Why does the world want these children to die?

The Jews were given Israel after the Holocaust. The very least we could do is give the White South Africans a home here. Trust me, they will make better neighbors than the Third World flotsam that Obama sought to bring in from every other armpit of the world.

We’ve helped everyone from Iraqis and Afghanis who hate us, to Nicaraguans and Nigerians who want nothing to do with us. This is a real charity case, but no one is advocating for it because the prospective recipients are White.

If ever there was ever a time to take up a cause, it is without a doubt this cause at this very moment. Our brothers and sisters in South Africa are dying in droves, and the hour of their final slaughter is drawing near. We need to help them. God, we need to help them. We need to help them now.

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  • Eternal Anglo

    It might be possible, if you had your own business and established contacts in South Africa, to get some of these people over on work visas. I wouldn’t hold my breath for Western governments to help, it might have to be private initiatives like these.

  • Respectcostsnothing

    There is no African man who owns tracts of countryside land in Europe. Secondly the colonials never paid penny for land back then. Yes they should be compensated by the Dutch, German and British from where they descend. Just because no one was on that piece of land doesn’t mean it was theirs for the taking. I do not agree at all with the killings and it’s absolutely abhorrent. You diminish your moral higher ground by using derogatory terms. Change.org is a responsible organisation that is why they flagged the questionable and subjective matter in this petition. It’s ironic that you use a libertarian civic organisation to push your agenda.

    • AlaskaRandy