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Toxic Masculinity

By January 27, 2018Music


I’m toxic
Stay away from me, girl
I’m toxic
I don’t belong in your world
I’m toxic
Stay away from me and my toxic masculinity

Baby, I’m so sorry
That I feel the need to keep you safe
I can’t help that I feel I have to provide
And if I can’t I might as well go be gay
I never meant to offend you
When I held open all those doors
But I’m cutting you free, run far, far from me
You don’t have to suffer that abuse any more

And tho every morning you have 10 melt downs
Before you even make it to work
I shouldn’t question your sanity
But I do and that makes me a jerk
I just can’t help it
‘Cause I live in reality
I call a spade a spade and call you insane
But you deserve so much more better than me

Go out and find yourself a good man
One who’ll rub your back and your feet every night
One who’ll put up with all your drama
And never, ever dare pick a fight
Find a man with so low T
He’s less of a dick and more of a pussy
And down with feminism
It’s not me