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THOTpocalypse Now! Episode 1: There are no Woman Scientists

By February 22, 2018THOTpocalypse


Doctor Mayhem was bored and decided to create a podcast dedicated solely to how he wants to genocide women.

In this show I, Doctor Mayhem, the Alt-Right’s greatest supervillain talks about why the evils of women, reasons why the Alt-Right needs to make peace with the Manosphere, and why the Alt-Right just needs to quit giving a shit what White women think.

All this and more in the first episode of THOTpocalypse Now!

    • Doctor Mayhem

      stealing that meme

  • Three Stars

    Okay, I wasn’t paying attention for most of his rant, but does this E-1 piece of waste actually believe that all white women are “demons” (quite a deal of them are, but modern man is also kind of shit) or is he just venting? I mean, by the way he speaks you can tell he’s a dumb peasant-pleb who only has access to women that are equal in value to him, but is he not-nigger enough to understand irony and hyperbole? That’s what I’m asking.

    • Doctor Mayhem

      White knight harder. You can marry that woman Marine after she fucked the whole platoon.

      • Three Stars

        Who’s Marine? The only Marine I know of is Marine Le Pen and she’s a bit past her prime.