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The War Room – Vandal Void Vault: Francis Parker Yockey

By September 11, 2017Podcasts, The War Room


Originally published on Vandal Void in March 2016

Sacco and Vanzetti present a synopsis of and expound upon Yockey’s ideas as layed out in his “Imperium.”

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Intro / Outro Music: “All Along the Watchtower” Bob Dylan cover by Sacco Vandal

  • Eternal Anglo

    I wouldn’t dismiss Europe’s potential for Imperium. Every normy I’ve talked to over the last couple of years has shifted to the Right. Although you guys still have more of a revolutionary spirit, we have a cultural legacy of Monarchy to draw upon, we’ve a very ancient claim to our lands, and everyone hates the political system. We just need an economic/societal catastrophe to take away people’s comfort and hope. That said, America’s the tip of the spear right now.