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The War Room – Episode 45: Do Lunesta and Get on Twitter

By August 27, 2017The War Room

The official podcast of and by right-wing veterans. In this episode, joining Pyscho Sacco, we have Doctor Mayhem, Uncle Shuffy, CJ, Sigurd, Kreigsmariner, Ignis, and The Great Brianimal. The Joint Chiefs discuss the aftermath of Charlottesville, celebrate the 45th President in this 45th episode, and cover the recent developments in Trump’s approach to Afghanistan. Also, Vanzetti drops by near the end to drunk post. Ambien, brothers!

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Intro Song: “Death to Traitors” by Xurius

Break Song: “Let it Crumble” by Sacco Vandal

Outro Song: “Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World” by The Ramones


    What the fuck? You don’t rape and kill the enemy. You install a puppet government and force the people you conquered to trade goods that they produce in exchange for your currency that you print for free.