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The War Room – Episode 39: Unconceived White Babies Have Rights!




The official podcast of and by right-wing veterans. In this episode, the joint chiefs celebrate Emily Youcis’ staunch defense of the White Sharia meme, threaten to give those who counter-signal it a flaming fag drag, and defend the rights of the unconceived.

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Intro Song: “Death to Traitors” by Xurius

Break Song: “White Sharia Space Marine Rape Gangs” fashy Rocky Horror by Chris LaVandal

Outro Song: “Turn On the News” by Husker Du

  • White_Ryno aka. White_Viper aka. Franz Josef Huber

    I have a J.D. and I am willing to fight for every unconceived white baby. I will die for this cause. Hail victory.