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The War Room – Episode 34: Bayonets into the Skulls of Our Enemies, and Babies into the Wombs of our Women

By April 21, 2017Podcasts, The War Room



The official podcast for right-wing veterans. In this episode, the joint chiefs discuss Auburn and the Right Wing Safety Battalion in action, proclaim the importance of standing and fighting for your people, and bantz those who fail to breed.

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Intro Song: “Death to Traitors” by Xurius

Break Songs: “Counting On Us” by Sacco Vandal; and “The Ballad of Raunch-Vag Rosie” by Paddy Tarleton

Outro Song: “Right Wing Death Squads” fashy Live parody by Sven

  • The fact that women and babies ended up dead is not particularly surprising to anyone who has ever paid attention to anything war related. That’s what happens in a warzone, and that of course is the reason we are given when we are told we have a moral obligation to invite hostile foreign cultures into Western societies. Given that the vast majority of these “refugees” are military aged males, it seems reasonable to think that many left behind would be women and children.