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The Opioid Epidemic and the Collective White Turn Towards Death

By September 8, 2017Blog

Our children are dying while the government just sits by and watches. It’s time we take matters into our own hands.

Earlier this year, in the next county over from where I live in Ohio, the coroner had to rent a 20-foot-long air conditioned trailer because he did not have any more room in the morgue for all the White bodies that were coming in. The vast majority of these were victims of Heroin overdoses. Around the same time, Maryland declared the heroin deaths in its state to have reached a “crisis level.” A few weeks later, New Hampshire was labeled “ground zero” in this opioid crisis. A few weeks after that, West Virginia was lamented as “America’s worst hit opioid epidemic state..” But ground zero is everywhere. The overdose deaths are just as high in Utah, or in Florida, as they are in Kentucky. The White bodies are piling up anywhere you happen to look. Whites across the entire nation are dying in droves from heroin and other opiates. And nobody is doing a Goddamn thing about it.

Two years ago, Donald Trump won his first primary victory in New Hampshire by talking about the devastation that opioids were wreaking, and linked solving it to the hard stance he had made on securing our Southern border. But while his administration gets bogged down—whether attempting to unsuccessfully assist Congress in rearranging minutiae of Obamacare, floundering around in hopeless bouts of damage control in response to the unhinged narratives of the chattering class, or caving in to the strategems of the Neocon lunatics now surrounding him—we’re still waiting for something to be done. Meanwhile, the White death toll from heroin skyrockets.

There is not enough space for the White bodies at the morgues due to the amount of weekly heroin deaths in many parts of the country.

I met a man via work the other day who is raising his granddaughter. The reason: his daughter got caught up with heroin and other opioids and is now MIA. It’s probably only a matter of time before she resurfaces at a morgue. This man played a Charley Daniels song on his phone. I had heard it many times before, but I humored him. The song is called “Simple Man.” In the second half of the first verse, Charlie levels with us:

“We tell our kids to just say no / Then some panty waist judge lets a drug dealer go / Slaps him on the wrist and then he turns him back out on the town / Now if I had my way with people sellin’ dope / I’d take a big tall tree and a short piece of rope / I’d hang ’em up high and let ’em swing ’til the sun goes down”

There is a way to end the opioid epidemic in America. There is a way to stop heroin pushers from slowly poisoning our children to death. Duterte is pioneering it in the Philippines. His call for vigilantes to kill drug dealers and his promise not to prosecute them for doing so has greatly curtailed the rampant drug trafficking there. Other nations have long kept poison pushers from killing their sons and daughters via laws that actually prevent illegal drugs from even gaining a foothold in their respective societies.

President Duterte of the Philippines has encouraged vigilantes to kill suspected drug pushers in their communities.

In Singapore, half an ounce of heroin gets you hung. In Malaysia, a mandatory death penalty is metted out for the same amount. In Iran, over 500 drug traffickers are executed each year. China executes a comparable number. Saudi Arabia sentences drug traffickers to public beheadings—the same penalty for rape or murder. Indonesia prefers a firing squad.

These countries actually treat a war on drugs like a war they’re willing to win. The United States, on the other hand, seems intent to fetter itself into impotence on almost any of its endeavors. We tie the hands of our military while fighting overseas so as to cause “wars” for the hearts and minds of the Afghani people—whatever that means—to drag on for sixteen years. And on the home front, in the war against drugs, we mire everything we do with the most impractical and counterproductive stipulations, processes, and legalities.

Police forces and law enforcement agencies were originally created with the intent of keeping Americans safe. They no longer serve these ends effectively but instead have become what the late great Carroll Quigley referred to as “institutionalized,” in that their main objective is no longer solving the societal ill that they were created to solve but self-preservation of their respective organizations. Indeed, the main purpose of the police has become securing its own continued existence by procuring funds for the state governmental apparatuses via speeding tickets and drunk-driving apprehensions. Our children are dying in the streets from heroin, but the state troopers, instead of keeping the poison out of our children’s hands, sit on the highway and set up speed traps for us, the parents of these children.

Carroll Quigley taught that societies crumble because the organizations of society tend to become institutionalized, focusing more on their own organizational self-preservation than on solving the problems that such organizations were originally created to solve.

According to Quigley, when a societal ill is no longer being dealt with because the societal organ that was set up to deal with that ill has become institutionalized, there is only one of two cures: reform the now-institutionalized organ, or circumvent it by solving the societal ill via another route. And at this point in our over-ripened, late cultural form-world, reform seems unlikely. But our police forces and law enforcement agencies are no longer keeping us or our children safe from the opioid epidemic. We need to take matters into our hands. We need to circumvent the impotent, institutionalized organs of the state with our own organic, grassroots endeavors.

Heroin dealers need to be run out of our communities. We need to take up this mantle. I am not cajoling anyone to go vigilante, nor calling for anyone to kill someone or do anything else illegal. But we have to do something—anything. And this is perhaps an opportunity for pro-White and far right organizations to expand and grow.

Opium addiction was widespread throughout China for over one hundred years until the Chinese Communists gained power by chasing the dealers out of the rural communities.

One hundred years ago, a third of the Chinese people were addicted to opium. The British had facilitated this addiction beginning in the late eighteenth century in an attempt to acquire tea and porcelain from China by creating an exploitable Chinese demand. In short, the British had nothing that the Chinese wanted to trade for, so the British started growing opium in India and smuggling it into China in exchange for these goods. The resulting Chinese opium epidemic would only finally be cured in the mid-twentieth century by the Maoists—and, in fact, their effectiveness at combating the epidemic in local communities won them the support of the peasantry that would catapult them into power against the nationalists. These Chinese peasants didn’t really give a damn what the politico-philosophical beliefs of the Maoists were, they just knew that these were the guys who had chased and were keeping the drugs out of their communities.

If we can succeed where the system has failed our people, not only will we save countless White lives, but we may also be able to cement a future for White interests as a political forces in this nation. The opioid epidemic is a symbol of the great death spirit that lumbers ominously over our depressed and disappearing people. We either let it murder us and our future as a folk, or we vanquish it and our collective turn towards death in one fell swoop, securing the existence of our people and a future for White children.

  • Xan

    The current year is so pozzed, it’s required for kids who attend public and parochial schools, to have signed parental consent acknowledging that NARCAN or NALOXONE is available at their CHILDREN’S schools if need be. Just in case the kids are bored or feigning and decide to get a little crazy in homeroom or whenever, they should be fine,bc the school has narcan. The fact that children as young as 9 years old are potentially exposed to this is disgusting. Narcan is an antagonist, and not the good kind. It’s used to reverse the opioid effects on the overdosing body.
    Having to administer this in clinical settings, I will tell you-that person who you thought was dead, sits right up within seconds of administering it and most times actually gets pissed bc they can feel whatever pain they were experiencing.
    The fact that this is available and administered by schools in “the land of the free and home of the brave” is so fucking cucked. Nothing teaches kids better than watching a classmate OD in 3nd period and then walk into that 5th period lunch like nothing ever happened. I hoped they were stocking this bc the babysitters/teachers, but sadly no,it’s for the kids. And it’s so the kids can teach the kids.