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The New McCarthyism

By August 17, 2017Blog

We are entering into a new era of McCarthyism: a hyper McCarthyism against the pro-White Right. Now, one could argue that the pro-White Right has already been subjected to McCarthyism for quite some time now. And indeed, since the 60’s or 70’s, anyone who has been publicly accused of being a racist has been disintegrated instantly, blacklisted, forcibly dematerialized from society as if shot by a ray gun. But overt communists had been persecuted in various degrees since the Red Scare following the First World War long before its peak in the McCarthyism of the 1950’s.

The aftermath of Charlottesville 2.0 has potentially brought the pro-White blacklisting of our own era to a similar climax that the communist blacklisting reached in the 1950’s. An unprecedented wave of shoahs for anyone associated in any way with pro-Whiteness from all internet platforms has begun. Confederate statue removal has accelerated at an unnerving pace. And dozens of Charlottesville participants have been forsaken by their families and removed from their places of employment. If you’re a racist in August of 2017, you don’t exist.

Even the cowed cuckservative opposition has almost universally conceded. Trump is under fire like he has never has been—even in the early days of his campaign—simply for not joining the witch hunt. Attempts to conflate the AltRight or any pro-White groups with terrorism have already begun. We may very well be upon the cusp of our darkest night.

But there is a shimmer of hope for those of us who survive the trials ahead. The McCarthyism of the 1950’s brought with it the counter culture of the 1960’s—a backlash. My friends and I in the movement have grown accustom to labeling ourselves the counter culture of our times, the 60’s generation of the new millennium, the hippies of the Right. But we may actually be more akin to the beatniks of the 1950’s, and the more unfortunate of us to the communist sympathizers.

Of course there is a difference. We are not actual sympathizers with or traitors to a foreign ideology as the Rosenbergs and Hiss really were—although the accusations of Russian collusion represent a dark, ironic parallel. No, we are the real patriots. And we will win—if we stay strong. We must believe in our people more than the liberals and the anti-Whites believe in their starry ideals, their pop universalisms, their romantic fallacies, or their castles of the mind.

If we stand up as men, then the battle’s half won. The White youth growing up today, not petrified in their ways and naturally inclined to buck hypocritical authority as all youths are, will see through the Machiavellian strategems of our irrational and conceited enemies. They will see us as martyrs to an inescapable and objective truth—innocent victims of an insane and unfair system. They will want to know more. And they will be drawn to our courage and our passion. And as they search for the truth, they will go even farther down the rabbit hole than we did in droves.

We are not the counter culture. We are creating a counter culture. We are the first bubbles that rise to the surface of a pot of water before the boiling begins.

The enemy will never win. They think they are at the threshold of victory, but it is merely akin to a candle that flares up quickly before going out. The old order is dying. A new dawn arises. We are the future—if only we have the courage to suffer the persecution for it.

Stay strong, fam. And let’s go, Gen Z. Don’t let us down either.

  • churchofentropy

    I enjoy the direction you’re headed here.

  • churchofentropy

    my own view on this is that we are at a tipping point of insanity similar to the Crusades. at the time, an ideology claiming “cause = effect” had been popularised; according to the Centre for political Islam, this causes the mind to become “paralysed” (unsurprising as this 100% the opposite of the Truth teaching: every effect has a cause!!!). Thus, expect to see some wacky, zany shit as the normies’ world implodes. I agree there will be McCarthyism, but it shall be his very ghost, empowered by the millions slain by communism which shall cannibalise the cruel oppressor!

  • Kalambong Kalambong

    If we want America to remain as AMERICA and not let it be turned into ARABica we better start do something