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The Alc-War Room Rises – Episode 2: I’m in Love with the Girl with the Muskrat Tattoo



This show is a parody, and we are a group of comedians who live in Los Angelos. For booking, please visit https://vandalvoid.com/support

​Will O’Wisp and Psycho Sacco team up with CJ Vandal, Mark Vandal, Fashoslav Vandal, and Jeff Vandal to talk about Jewish wars, North Korea, Asian prostitution, and becoming White Khmer Rouge. Vanzetti and Chef Goyardee join in after the break to interject about rat people and muskrat cuisine, respectively. And at some point Fashy Gains and Jayoh De La Rey stop by in what becomes the most ridiculous podcast ever produced by the AltRight to date.

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​Break Song: “White Sharia” fashy Sublime parody performed by Sacco Vandal, written by Sacco Vandal, Zel, and JC

​Ending Theme: “Search and Destroy” by Iggy Pop and the Stooges