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The Alc-Right Rises 19: Dark Enlightenment Is Arrested Live During Show

Dark Enlightenment of Northwest Imperative (RIP) joins the exto squad to discuss what ultimately radicalized him & why he fights.


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  • This episode begins with a DE Louie Armstrong cover of The Rebel Yell theme song and quickly devolves into 1 hour and 30 minutes of pure unadulterated cancer and GRIDS (love you Greg).  In addition to this, Charlie Stuart passes out in the first five minutes, so we bring Jeff Vandal on to co-host.  Listen with caution.  (Ignis is very sick so apologies for coughing and general cold sounds)

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Cast: Will O’Wisp, Larry Ridgeway, Jayoh de la Rey, Confessor

Special Guest (s): Dark Enlightenment & Jeff Vandal




Break Music: Skrewdriver – ‘Back With a Bang’

(This show is a parody, we are a group of comedians who live in Los Angeles. For booking, please contact Celebrity Direct Inc)