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The Alc-Right Rises 17: Old Fashioned McCarthyism & Johnny Monoxide’s Return


They’re even raping zoo animals… P1 is a re-upload featuring McCarthy of The Detroit Reich Wings.  P2 (1:35:00 onward) features Johnny Monoxide.


Download available on our RSS feed: https://media.zencast.fm/the-charity-right-rises/rss


Welcome to The Alc-Right Rises, the OFFICIAL Good Samaritan podcast of the Alt Right!

  • For part one this week, I re-uploaded an older episode (before we were on TRS) featuring McCarthy of The Detroit Reich Wings. McCarthy joins us to discuss activism & antifa.  In part two of this episode, Johnny Monoxide joins Larry, Confessor, and Jayoh to read some Daily Stormer articles.





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Cast: Will O’Wisp, Larry Ridgeway, Jayoh de la Rey, Confessor

Special Guest (s): Goydee Ree, Paul McCarthy, Johnny Monoxide


(This show is a parody, we are a group of comedians who live in Los Angeles. For booking, please contact Celebrity Direct Inc)

g, please contact Celebrity Direct Inc)