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The Alc-Right Rises 13: Hollyphenols w/ Johnny Monoxide, Vanzetti Vandal, & more


Never go to soapy town.


Download available on our RSS feed: https://media.zencast.fm/the-charity-right-rises/rss


Welcome to The Alc-Right Rises, the OFFICIAL good samaritan podcast of the alt right!

  • I lost 500 gigs of files etc, so y’all get an older unreleased episode for now.  On this episode we are joined by Johnny Monoxide, Vanzetti Vandal, and Holly to shitpost about niggers, faggots, and jews.  Things quickly go awry in the first 5 minutes.  What happens after 5:00 are the results of getting drunk and harrassing a woman with a marine, an Italian, a merc, an Irishman, a guy with anger issues, and a poor Appalachian. After the first break, Balabon joins us to tell more degenerate stories. Enjoy!

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If you would like to donate e-shekels to buy us different types of alcohol to drink on the show, help provide Confessor with a first world standard of living, or fund Ignis’ cross country woodchippertour, use the QR code, or the btc address. We will read a special message, showcase your meme, or shoutout your fashy friends on the show. Contact us at alcrightrises@protonmail.com to inform us of the d’nation (we do not have PP).


Cast: Will O’Wisp, Larry Ridgeway, Jayoh de la Rey, Confessor

Intern: Heroin Steve

Break Song 1: ‘Goblin Kaiser’ At The Throne of Judgment

Outro: ‘Isis TRAP Remix’

(This show is a parody, we are a group of comedians who live in Los Angeles. For booking, please contact Celebrity Direct Inc)