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The Alc-Right Rises 11 – The Westboro Bathhouse Church


Ernst Röhm has outlived his usefulness. Tactical woodchipper inbound…

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Welcome to The Alc-Right Rises, the OFFICIAL good samaritan podcast of the alt right!

  • On this episode, exto squad talks blacks, bathhouses, and bolsheviks.  God hates fags!

Charlie Stuart’s Podcast ‘Thistle & Brier’ on IdentityDixie.com

There is a gofundme page to send Ignis to a pro white protest! For details, join the TRS Radio Listeners group, or contact Ignis Faatus on Facebook.

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If you would like to donate e-shekels to buy us different types of alcohol to drink on the show, help provide Confessor with a first world standard of living, or fund Ignis’ cross country woodchippertour, use the QR code, or the btc address. We will read a special message, showcase your meme, or shoutout your fashy friends on the show. Contact us at alcrightrises@protonmail.com to inform us of the d’nation (we do not have PP).


Cast: Will O’Wisp, Larry Ridgeway, Jayoh de la Rey, Confessor

Guests: Charlie Stuart

Break Song 1: ‘My Name Is’ by Moonman

Break Song 2: ‘Erika’ SS March

(This show is a parody, we are a group of comedians who live in Los Angeles. For booking, please contact Celebrity Direct Inc)