The American Militant Nationalist Manifesto
(Paperback Edition)
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Sacco and Vanzetti’s declaration of war against the liberal elites of Washington, Wall Street, and Hollywood who have pissed away the inheritence of our born and unborn American children and grandchildren. In this revolutionary text, Sacco and Vanzetti layout their vision of the Militant Nationalism that will one day allow We the People to finally triumph over liberalism, cultural Marxism, and the consumerist world-system.


A Call For Economice Nationalism
(Paperback Edition)
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Vanzetti Vandal details the manner in which globalization and deindustrialization have turned the American dream into a nightmare. This is a must read for anyone who wishes to understand how our traitorous elites have purposefully gutted American industry in order to line their own pockets. Get your copy to day and gain a full understanding over the systemic problems that are killing American jobs and enriching Wall Street to the detriment of the hardworking American heartland hero.

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