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Salting the Earth – Episode 46: James Brower, Roachfest, and Huhwaiian Nationalism

Episode 46: James Brower, Roachfest, and Huhwaiian Nationalism

Caerulus and Vendetta are joined by James Brower, here to share with us the tale of his own 2016 election adventure: signing up with the GOP to do memetic warfare from the inside. James dishes out some dirt on the #MerchantRight and talks with us about keeping the movement unified and moving forward. After that, it’s Roachfest in the second hour, with Vendetta delivering an overview of the history of the Turks from 1453 to 2017, with a particular focus on all the times they’ve been able to succeed thanks to the failure of European nations to set aside their internal rivalries and unite against them. In the final hour, Greg Ritter from NPI jumps on for Tales From IRL with Caerulus, enlightening us on what happens when you go out for Halloween dressed as Good Optics and Bad Optics. Aloha snackbar, the alt-right is the world’s #1 Hawaiian independence movement!

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