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Salting the Earth – Episode 45: The Nordic Resistance

Episode 45: The Nordic Resistance


Caerulus and Vendetta are joined by Andreas and Bill of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Scandinavia’s own right-wing activist and good goys movement. We take a look at the latest goings on in the dystopian clown country (peace be unto them) currently LARPing as the Kingdom of Sweden, the shortcomings and compromises of the Sweden Democrats, and what Nordfront is doing to oppose all this. In the second hour we get a double chapter review from Mein Kampf; in the third Vendetta shares the glorious tale of Israel’s most humiliating military defeat, Egypt’s Operation Badr in 1973. We close out on Goofy Media and Tales From IRL, where we find out how Caerulus managed to ruin everyone’s flights in the general DC area.

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Break Music

First Break: Return of the Right – by Zurious

Second Break: Was wollen wir trinken – by Bots

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