Salting The Earth – Episode 26: Go Out Into Meatspace and Earn Your Tendies

Caerulus and Vendetta are joined by Eli Mosley, and also Brandon and Mike from Vanguard America, who bring battle reports from the anti-war protest in DC led by Richard Spencer (which was attacked by a stinking mob of antifa degenerates). We discuss IRL bad goy operations, explore the work of William Lind, review the Turner Diaries, and close on the usual Goofy Media and Tales from IRL.

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Vendetta Vidame

Eli Mosley

Vanguard America

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White Awake by Xurious

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Shady Kikes by Mr. Bond

Some Kayaks by Sven

Books and Links:

Eli Mosley, Report on the Anti-War Protest…ayette-square/

William Lind

On War: The Collected Columns of William S. Lind 2003-2009…ook/dp/B00OY2QFAY

Why We Fight: Manifesto of the European Resistance – Guillaume Faye

( ( ( GOOFY MEDIA ) ) )

Pakistani man claims to be secret Jew. His family says he’s full of shit.…ots-call-him-insane

Jews and BLM unite to protest on behalf for another rightfully shot piece of shit…0fe4ce087f5f7

(((Steven Goldstein))) – muh antisemitism whinging just got 10 feet taller…inues-trump-silent/

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