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Salting the Earth 44 – Episode 44: Dodging Bricks with Illegal Aryan

Episode 44: Dodging Bricks with Illegal Aryan

Caerulus and Vendetta are joined by Illegal Aryan, an aspiring rapper and astrophysicist (or rather cartoonist and filmmaker) who grew up in the same mean streets as Emily Youcis and recently experienced the white privilege of being doxed by antifa. We do a bit of stein-posting until he arrives and then talk with him about Identity Evropa’s Leif Erickson gathering, getting doxed, and Antifa’s Lebowski-esque bungled attempts at harassing him IRL (throwing a brick into the wrong apartment – “hey Wu? Isn’t this guy supposed to be a fucking fascist?”). After that is the next chapter of book review content, featuring Evelyn Waugh’s hilarious Black Mischief, Goofy Media, and Tales From IRL.




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Caerulus Rex

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Vendetta Vidame

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Illegal Aryan

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Break Music


First Hour: Xurious

Second Hour: Vendetta


Books N’ Sheeit


Black Mischief – by Evelyn Waugh

Book: https://www.amazon.com/Black-Mischief-Evelyn-Waugh/dp/0316917338

PDF: http://archive.org/stream/WaughEvelynBlackMischief/Waugh%2C%20Evelyn%20-%20Black%20Mischief


Death on the Installment Plan – by Louis-Ferdinand Céline



Mein Kampf, Chapter 10 – by Adolf Hitler




( ( ( G O O F Y   M E D I A ) ) )


Bourgeois Boomers Whine About Wine While California Burns



Surprise, 280 Characters = Twice the Kvetching!



Weinception, or, How Many Layers of Chutzpah Are You On?