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Police are the Enemy

By February 23, 2018Blog

After meditating for six months upon the events of Charlottesville, I feel that now is the time to write this.

I understand the criticism that is about to come. I am a graduate of a Florida police academy, and if not for my arrest, I would have become a cop myself. So, to anyone who would say that I am just bitter: well that is partly true. I was especially hurt by the fact that one of the cops who arrested me was a fellow Marine who had served alongside me in the exact same unit during my enlistment. To say that I felt a little betrayed does sum up my experience.

But what woke me up fully was getting to see the reality of the parasitism and racketeering of the Texas Criminal Injustice System. After seeing it from the other side, I have found myself in a rare position: I agree with Black Lives Matter, even if for completely wrong reasons. I have come to the same conclusion that Weev had in 2009: police are a greater threat to our freedom than any muslim terrorist ever was—if for no other reason than that they are the ones enforcing and enabling the system.

The “Justice” system must be destroyed.

The events of Charlottesville have done nothing but prove this to me. As much as we support law and order—and as much as we want to support the police—we should not feel sympathy for any cops that may be maligned, assaulted, or even killed by the BLM and Antifa mobs that have been mobilized by the masters of the system that police are sworn to protect.

And what of the beliefs of your typical cop?

The White police are, at best, Proudboy-tier Civic Nationalists. More typically, they are cuckservatives who would just love the chance to smash a “Nazi” like you. Moreover, these days, so many police departments—such as in Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and many others—have become almost entirely staffed by nonwhites. At this point, police have become the Janissaries of the entrenched, liberal, cosmopolitan, elite apparatus.

So what should we do?

First of all, we need to stop supporting these police. Secondly, we should step aside and allow Antifa and BLM to continue to clash with them. Thirdly, we should feed the anti-cop narratives of these groups—false flags and playing on the Left’s natural paranoia and suspicion of police are a couple good ways to do it. All in all, it is high time that we come to terms with what police are: the enforcement arm of all that hates us and wants to see us destroyed.

It is time we understand that a police officer is nothing more than a mercenary, a war keen coward and bully who only cares about his paycheck, and who would never, ever target a real enemy—a man who only wants to see violence for the sake of violence and not get arrested for it. Police are psychopaths and narcissists who just want an excuse to hurt others, and they damn sure won’t do it to those who can fight back.

Basically, cops are pussies that like to feel like tough guys for going after low hanging fruit (read law-abiding White people who cooperate with police). They’re terrified of going after real violent criminals.

Police have safer jobs than truck drivers, fishermen, and construction workers. If cops were the heroes they pretend to be, we wouldn’t have MS13 members, Crips, Bloods, and other nonwhite gangs walking the streets in America—nor would our children be dying in droves from the opioids being pushed by the members of such gangs. The entire police force could be instantaneously mobilized to neutralize this scourge with minimal casualties within a week, but the cops would rather henpeck suckers who commit minor victimless crimes and will gladly pay fines and thank the cop for his service than go after the real criminals.

This leaves them with only one target: law-abiding, working class White American citizens. We are legally and culturally hamstrung. We are essentially forced to fight with both hands tied behind our backs. Cops will target us because we’re the only easy target.

When the time comes, we must remember them for what they are. “I was just following orders,” didn’t work for the men persecuted at Nuremberg, so fuck letting these pigs have that excuse. Hang them out to dry. Abandon them. Let BLM and Antifas have at ’em.

As far as I’m concerned, BLM can bump off as many cops as they want—it’s good for redpilling purposes after all, and we should no longer feel the need to expend any emotional energy in favor of these cops. The next time BLM murders an officer of the law, we should just feel nothing and acknowledge the bad optics for the Left.

Just to be clear: I don’t support making enemies out of the police nor antagonizing them in any way—let their pets turn on them. We law-abiding, working class White Americans just have to be aware that they are not even close to being on our side. Furthermore, we should quit acting like cheerleaders for the “boys in blue.” They’re not us, just another gang.

Let me reiterate. The police defend the very leftist hordes who want them dead? Then let them be SLAUGHTERED by those leftist hordes they love so dearly. They deserve everything the Left wants of them.

Special thanks to PickleRick, HighTechLowLife, and HerrSturmgewehr from the TRS Forums.

  • Randall Stevens

    I can’t dispute anything written here. Excellent article.

    • Doctor Mayhem


  • Trevor Wilson

    Islamic radicalism and terrorism and African gang crime has been growing very quickly in my city, and what do the police do?

    Why they set up another speed camera and breath-test some more drivers coming back from work.

    You will know them by their fruits.

    • Doctor Mayhem

      Exactly. Cops are pussies who think their badges and guns make them tough. They deserve to be forced into those no-go zones without support.

      NWA and Vox Day were right. Fuck the cops.

    • It’s disgusting. Our children are literally dying in the streets from heroin, but instead of stopping that, the cops put up speed traps for us, the working law-abiding parents of those dying children. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Frank Saxon

    Cops are afraid of lefties and blacks. And like you said they love to arrest us, because we behave like fucking cucks without balls. Maybe we should make them fear us more than the groids?

    • Doctor Mayhem

      I say the same thing about libs. They constantly suck up to nigs and muslims. Why? Because muds will KILL that stupid lib when they get insolent. We need more Breiviks.