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PodZeen 9 – Ignite the White

By November 8, 2017Podcasts, Podzeen

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Here it is folks!
The live audio from the Ignite the White (anti)Free Speech rally in Madison Wisconsin! Featuring speeches from Obzeen’s own Frankie T, AB, and Scotty JamJam.
Unfortunately SOMEBODY invited known neo-nazi #PaulJosephWatson. Obzeen would like to apologize to our Israeli supporters for his hateful remarks. #ItsOkayToBeWhite

The crew gives you the inside scoop on the rally, as well as details on Frankie’s molestation experience from our Mexican buddy.
Then, by popular demand, Obzeen reviews #Madison #Wisconsin bands – The Minotaurs (who won’t compete); Caustic (who need a drummer); and Cribshitter (who need to eat less soy).
After putting ourselves through the horrors of the Madison “music scene” we listen to some GOOD music by Nirvana and System of a down.

Closing song is ‘Ballad of Jimi Gilmour’ by Telepathic Sandwich – you can buy it at www.TelepathicSandwich.com or on iTunes, Amazon, and all those other cosmopolitan institutions.

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