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PodZeen 19 – Black Midget History Month

By February 8, 2018Podzeen

It’s Black Midget History Month! Come celebrate our finest little people of color with Obzeen.

Black Midget Topics:

  • Is Justin Timberlake an albino?
  • Blackness is a social construct
  • George Lincoln Rockwell, the black midget who invented the peanut
  • Brown Grammys
  • 90’s basketball supremacy
  • Shameless begging
  • The Talmudic dwarf conspiracy to oppress midgets
  • The great black inventor Niggala Tesla
  • More Audio engineer autism
  • Make Wakanda Great Again

Black Midget Songs:

  • SexyBack – Justin Timberlake
  • Voodoo Child – Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Devil Without a Cause – Kid Rock
  • Worst Comes To Worst – Dilated Peoples
  • Watermelon Man – Herbie Hancock
  • ManBearPaul – Telepathic Sandwich

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