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Podzeen 18 – Being a Motherfucking Sorcerer

By January 30, 2018Podzeen

This episode is about how cool we are. We have the bigger dicks. We have the better music. We are motherfucking sorcerers.

Hi T Topics:

  • YouTube doesn’t understand fair use
  • The other Obzeen
  • Obama-funded Islamic ladyboys
  • #BasedJamesBond
  • The virgin Grammys vs the chad Obzeen


  • Hocus Pocus – Focus
  • Blastoise – Obzeen (the gay one)
  • Quote Unquote (Travolta) – Mr Bungle
  • One in a Million – Guns N Roses
  • Just Dropped In – Kenny Rogers & the First Edition
  • Down Rodeo – Rage Against the Machine
  • Bang Bang (My baby shot me down) – Nancy Sinatra
  • Crispy Bacon (reprise) – Telepathic Sandwich

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