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PodZeen 17 – The Natural Order is Buttsecks

By January 24, 2018Podzeen

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Here at Obzeen PodZeen we believe in the natural order – and somebody is going to be on the wrong end of the stick.

Natural Topics:

  • The best drum fill in all of metal
  • Heroin and Satan
  • Madison Wisconsin hippies and Steve Miller
  • Underground music and Frank Zappa’s ethnicity
  • Which member of Rush will die first?
  • Is Skippy’s woman’s dick buoyant?
  • Fade out
  • Bono’s GayKK
  • What are we gonna call this one?

Unnatural Songs:

  • Black Serenade – Slayer
  • Birthday Boy; Bach is Dead – The Residents
  • La Villa Strangiato – Rush
  • Salvation – The Cranberries
  • Bach is Dead – Orifice A

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