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PodZeen 15 – Supreme Nazi OverLorde

By January 9, 2018Podcasts, Podzeen

It’s a brand new year! On this episode of the PodZeen we get deeply subjective and wax philosophical on your collective asses. First we deal with the anti-Semitic elephant in the room – Lorde, that sweet sweet girl, is now advocating for genocide.

Deep subjects:

  • Give us money and we will be Lorde’s backing band
  • The Purple Martin’s girlfriend
  • The CQ – Cat Question: should cat owners be allowed to live?
  • Did Lana Del Rey rip off Radiohead?
  • Baby Boomer genocide
  • Blatant misogyny
  • Is NazBol even real?


  • ‘Green Light’ – Lorde
  • ‘When I see Mommy I feel like a Mummy’ – Captain Beefheart
  • ‘Life During Wartime’ – Talking Heads
  • ‘Life on Mars?’ – David Bowie
  • ‘Get Free’ – Lana Del Rey
  • ‘The Air that I Breathe’ – The Hollies
  • ‘Come Together (Unite the Right) – Nigger with a Hard R
  • ‘8-Ball’ – Easy E
  • ‘Billy Bob Joe Romance (from France) – Orifice A


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