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PodZeen 14 – The (((Current Year)))

By December 30, 2017Podcasts, Podzeen

On this very, very special episode of Obzeen PodZeen we celebrate all the musicians who died in the current year in the service of their art. Unfortunately most of them can just stay dead because frankly, they suck wiener. Sorry guys. Your favorite dead musician is a homo.

Featured Dead Musicians:

  • ‘Girls’ – Lil Peep
  • ‘Ain’t That a Shame’ – Fats Domino
  • ‘Refugee’ – Tom Petty
  • ‘One Step Closer’ – Linkin Park
  • ‘Spoonman’ – Soundgarden
  • ‘Me So Horny’ – 2 Live Crew
  • ‘Everything Went Black’ – The Black Dahlia Murder
  • ‘Whipping Post’ – The Allman Brothers Band
  • ‘My World’ – Charles Manson
  • ‘Johnny B. Goode’ – Chuck Berry
  • ‘Obscured’ – Celtic Frost


Featured Undead Musicians:

  • ‘Little Drummer Boy’ – Low
  • ‘The Christmas Song’ – Paddy Tarleton
  • ‘Breakfast with Weinstein’ – Telepathic Sandwich


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  • No Grant Hart / Husker Du? Wtf? Unforgivable.

  • discusser

    Some of you Mormons are alright.

    Don’t go to Kolob tomorrow.