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PodZeen 10 – 10th Anniversary PsychoTelethon

By December 1, 2017Podzeen

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Obzeen PodZeen has reached Episode 10!!!

Almost 2 years ago a bunch of disgruntled musicians in Fort Collins Colorado decided to stick it up the hoohah of the local music scene – now, for the first time in PodZeen history, they meet up live in the town that started it all.

And now that Obzeen has secured some Israeli funding we’re out for all the shekels we can grub! Here’s the call-in show to end all call-in shows – it’s the PsychoTelethon!

We had some great callers call in to contribute to the cause and #WeaponizeMusic – #StefanMolyneux #JamesBrown and of course #PaulJosephWatson.

Then we listen to NOTHING but StemCellularOne bands!

Featured songs:

‘Mishiishiakawaka’; ‘Emilio’s Bro’ – Telepathic Sandwich www.TelepathicSandwich.com

‘Devil’s Lettuce’ – Hungry Dog at Home https://hungrydogathome.bandcamp.com

‘Bob Dole’; ‘Shitler and the Poos’ – Orifice A www.OrificeA.com

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