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Peaceful Red-State Secession

By February 19, 2018Blog

Originally published at Peaceful Red State Secession on November 26, 2017.

The next time they are in control, Democrats will give voting rights to enough foreigners to ensure that Republicans never win a national election again. Among Hispanic illegal immigrants, Democrats outnumber Republicans 8 to 1.

The only response that can thwart this eventuality is to split the country in two. If the red states become their own country, they can control immigration and naturalization according to conservative principles. The purpose is to keep American-born voters in charge in the red states, so that we don’t have to experience the social and economic experiments of the progressives.

Washington DC Republicans’ failure in 2017 to carry out the will of Republican voters is the final straw that is causing red states to give up on DC. Even if Republicans were to throw out all the bums in 2018 primaries, conservatives face a chronic problem: we are a minority, and our efforts at persuasion have produced failure since the 1920’s. Even when “Republicans” are in control, conservatives are not in control, because conservatives are only about 38% of the electorate of the USA. We can’t persuade voters to our side as fast as Democrats can let more people in.

When Republicans are in power, we don’t manage to reverse all of the changes the Democrats made. Every decade is more liberal than the previous. America is headed toward the bankruptcy that Greece experienced a few years ago and the pace of social change is getting faster and faster, towards something like Mao’s Cultural Revolution. The right to act according to one’s Christian conscience and to experience freedom of speech and religion won’t be allowed in the USA any more than it is today in Canada or the UK.

Gaining seats on the Supreme Court will help in some ways, but today’s Left won’t let us reform society or control the government from the Supreme Court the way they did.

A Convention of States (COS) is not a solution because it doesn’t stop the immigration of Democrat voters. If we don’t have control of immigration policy, we can’t maintain 51% of the vote.

The good news is that conservatives are a majority of the electorate of the red states. The solution is to retrench, give up on the blue states, and focus on the portion of our country that can still maintain, for generations, a free republic with free speech, free thought, freedom to religion, property rights, and an economic future that doesn’t involve bankruptcy.

A new Zogby poll shows that 68% of Americans are now open to a state seceding, and secession has more supporters than detractors. Support for secession is now 39%, double what it was three years ago. Democrats now support it more than Republicans, and the West Coast and North-East rival the South in support for secession. Washington DC has been dysfunctional and gridlocked for decades. Democrats don’t want to associate with red state people that would vote for Trump.

As of March 2017, 44% of Democrats in California are in favor of the secession of California from the USA. If activists such as you and I can increase that number above 50%, California could create a precedent for peaceful, orderly secession by referendum or a vote of the state legislature. After the precedent is set, red states such as Texas could secede and band together with other seceded red states.

National assets, such as military assets, and national debts would be divided between California and the remainder of the USA. No civil war is necessary if California differs from the Confederacy by following 2 simple rules: don’t enslave anyone, and don’t attack Fort Sumter. The EU is not attacking the UK for seceding. The UK gave permission to Scotland to hold a referendum on secession in 2015. Canada did so for Quebec.

I see splitting the USA as a way to defuse the culture war in a peaceful way. According to the Zogby poll, only 32% of Americans believe that the US government would be justified in using force to prevent secession!

Czechoslovakia split into two countries amicably in 1993. This process began in July 1992 when the Slovak parliament declared independence. No legal mechanism for secession was necessary, because declaring independence caused Slovakia to no longer be under Czechoslovak law. Most of Britain’s colonies seceded peacefully, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Now is the perfect time to divorce, because Californians feel alienated by the election of Trump. With more education about the availability and the practicality of secession, they could really secede. Last year, Texas was only 26% in favor of secession, although 44% said they would be in favor of secession if Hillary won the presidency. If a small southern state tried to secede first, it would not be taken

as seriously as California secession because it is not as populous, it submitted to the feds in the 1960s, and it is tainted with a racist past.

Today we live in a decade in which Americans no longer need to fear that secession would mean the re-introduction of Jim Crow laws. And helping California to secede first will help people understand that.

If California sets a precedent soon, we can take advantage of the fact that Democrats have almost no state houses or governorships in red states. Because of 8 years of Obama, Republicans control both houses and the governorship of 27 states now. They can secede with a simple vote.

Once a few red states secede, the other red states will realize that the remainder of the USA no longer has enough red states to win the Senate for Republicans. This will cause other red states to recognize that remaining with the USA is more risky than joining with the seceded states.

The map here shows what happens if Trump states split from Hillary states, and then states allow certain counties to split off to join the other country, the one more to their liking.

The blue-state country would become like the UK and Canada (with warmer weather and Latinos), and the red-state country would become like the 1980s USA. The red-state country would be 69% Republican and 31% Democrat.

But don’t think that California secession alone will keep progressives out of power in DC. A quick glance at the electoral college totals shows that Obama would have easily won both his elections even without California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Nevada. The only way to consistently keep progressives out of power in the red states is to secede from both coasts.

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