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Now That the Nuclear Family is Destroyed: Communism 2.0

By January 18, 2018Blog

In the 20th century, communists murdered well over 100,000,000 people, mostly in countries with collectivist, egalitarian, family values (extended family structures.) These people were receptive to political communism because its stated values mirrored their personal values, at human scale. But, since the failure of communism in those countries, it has been largely abandoned as a political program and the people immunized against it.

Communism initially failed to make inroads in nuclear family countries, whose values are more inegalitarian and individualistic. Nuclear families inculcate individualism as a value from an early age because children are raised with the expectation that they will strike out on their own, to make their own life, and find their own fortune. No communist party or movement ever acquired more than single digit support in a nuclear family country or a nuclear family area in a country with mixed family structures.

This explains the special hatred that communists hold for nuclear families. After their failure in the last century, they changed tactics, to attack the nuclear family first, with feminism, and feminist inspired legal reforms, with sexual “liberation” and degeneracy, with the normalization of every manner of heterodox sexual and gender inclination and deviation.

That mission now successfully completed, they are going to try the communist program once more. Conservatives are fond of saying that families, meaning nuclear families, are the building blocks of a free and prosperous society. Communism makes no headway with self-supporting nuclear families because communism offers nothing that self-supporting nuclear families want. The flip side is that welfare-dependent slut single mothers and careerist slut spinster cat ladies, and queer, deviant, slut, alphabet soup all love communism because it offers them something for nothing, they are all effeminate and low agency by nature, and they aren’t the building blocks of a free and prosperous society.

They also killed god and the church, thinking those obstacles to their ambitions as well. But as a consequence, we are no longer restrained by Christian pieties or notions of mercy, charity, and benevolence.

This time, we mass murder the communists before they can mass murder us. . .