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Newsweek Courageously Exposes Trump and Erdogan as Besties Forever

By January 3, 2018Blog


Flamboyantly dishonorable liberal traitors at Newsweek utilized the following photo to accompany an article accusing President Erdogan of imprisoning members of the press for mere criticism:


Apparently Trump and Erdogan are best buddies and Trump agrees with everything Erdogan does and even seeks to emulate his policies here in the US. I did not know this. Thank you, Newsweek.


Obviously, Newsweek is attempting to make its stupid, impressionable “readers” associate the anti-free speech tactics of the Erdogan Islamic dictatorship with Trump’s criticism of the grossly bias and even treasonous mainstream media of the US–i.e., his accurate assessment of CNN as “fake news.” They even make a note to emphasize Erdogan’s alleged “frail ego” as the likely prime motivation behind his clamping down on the Turkish press–a recurring accusation hurled at Trump by the American liberal press.

This is garbage. These liberal traitors test We the People’s patience. Obviously, Erdogan has been slowly pulling Turkey out of the West’s orbit and back into the Islamic world from whence Mustafa Kemal dragged it nearly 100 years ago. He is assiduously constructing a dictatorship that will make of his office a Caliphate worthy of resurrecting the Ottoman Empire. He is cracking down on all and any anti- and non- Islamist voices in the press. Trump, conversely, has merely been defending himself against a bias and conspiratorial cadre of liars–lackeys who serve as the mouthpieces of a globalist, elitist, anti-American faction that has been trying to install a Leftist, Culturally Marxist dictatorship here in the US. The entire preconception that Trump and Erdogan have anything in common in regards to their approach towards the press is insane.

But, after all, that’s what these lying communist traitors have become: insane. And this world that they have been constructing for us is a world of insanity. It must be destroyed. We must win back reality and the right to be real. May the God Emperor expunge the cords that superimpose Clown World upon our reality from the realm of existence forever. God grant us victory over these shameful liberal traitors and their flamboyantly dishonorable tactics. In the name survival, we pray. Amen.