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Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host Devotes Entire Show to White Genocide

By January 30, 2018Blog

Yesterday, Michael Savage, a nationally syndicated Conservative talk show host, devoted his entire show to angrily lashing out against White Genocide like no other national Conservative media figure has yet dared.

Already, Savage has been one of the few national Conservative figures in media who has ever even dared to openly defend the ongoing cultural assault on White people in the United States. For years, he has done segments wherein he plays classical music while reading a long list of White male inventors and there inventions, from Eli Whitney and his cotton gin to Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and beyond.

A few weeks ago, in response to a clip of Nancy Pelosi cracking a joke at the expense of White men to an audience composed primarily of immigrants, Savage screamed:

“Drop dead if you don’t like White people! How’s that? Go back to the crap-hole you came from if you don’t like White people! Go back to the destitute garbage can that you crawled out of—I’m sick of it, and I don’t want to hear it anymore!”

But Savage took his defense of White people to new heroic levels yesterday, on January 29th, by devoting his entire show to roaring against, what he termed, the ongoing “cultural genocide” of White people, warning that bodily genocide was the next step. He compared the increasingly frequent anti-White rhetoric of the American Left to the anti-Semitism that pervaded Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, arguing that the former could lead to Holocaust against peoples of European descent here in America:

“And where will all this White bashing lead? Well, it’s already lead to racism and violence, and as you all know, everything starts with an idea. . . You ask yourself, ‘where does this end?’ Well, I know where it ends because I’ve studied history. . . The Holocaust against the Jews under Hitler didn’t begin with the Germans. It had its roots in nineteenth-century France with the French anti-Semite named Edouard Dumont, who started writing papers against the Jews—the same way the Democrats and the Pelosis—without any thought—put down White people, put down the entire European American experience.”

“I’m not overreacting or being hyperbolic, in my opinion. But I know that history tells us that talk of the type that Pelosi and the Democrats are engaging in on an almost regular basis could result in violence and death, as it already has—what, you think it can’t happen here? It’s already happening here. Remember Obama and Holder? They went after cops, then you had people in the streets, chanting under George Soros’ payment, ‘What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them dead? Now!’ Then you had cops being assassinated in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and other cities across America. But there are bigger targets today. People are being beaten up in the streets of America—randomly—for their race. It’s being unreported or underreported by the vermin in the media.”

So, Savage is apparently both aware of and willing to speak out against the fact that crimes against White people by persons of color are being buried by the anti-White media—perhaps the first mainstream Conservative commentator to do so. But he goes even further, accusing Hollywood and the universities of conditioning Whites to accept the coming Holocaust against their people:

“And I look at the garbage that passes for music today and lyrics—grunting and groaning coming out of the iPhones—and I say, this is the cultural genocide that we are witnessing, run by Hollywad [sic]. And how is it that uneducated men, so called—uneducated men of another generation—knew opera, while today, educated men today know nothing? How is that possible? Well it’s a pretty simple statement, which has profound implications, doesn’t it? What does education mean? It means your brain has been washed by the anti-American, anti-male, anti-White professors in the universities. And that is why we have filth passing for music. That is why we have garbage passing for art—because the cultural war has been completed, and the only thing left now is to take care of the people themselves. First you take down the culture, you take down the pride, and then you take down the person.”

The real irony here is that Savage is a proud Jew. Right now, the most outspoken and ardent opponents of White Genocide—White Nationalists, pro-White American Nationalists, and other members of the Alt-Right—generally reserve their most scathing ire for the people-race-nation-church seemingly most responsible for perpetuating White Genocide: Jews. And, yes, Jews have been and continue to be overrepresented in the ranks of the anti-Whites, especially when it comes to positions of influence—i.e., men like George Soros. But here we have Michael Savage, a Jew, leading the charge against these anti-Whites—the sole national figure, with the exception of maybe Alex Jones (albeit Savage goes even further than Jones), to do so.

Is this a sign that Jews and members of the pro-White movement can be allies? Politics does make for strange bedfellows, as the saying goes. Is it possible that some American Jews of European descent could potentially come to have more allegiance for their European heritage than their Jewish identity? When non-Whites turn on us, will they even be able to distinguish European Jews from goyim? Even if Jews have been disproportionately responsible for churning up anti-White sentiment, will they not find themselves forced—out of existential necessity—to rally behind the defense of what many of them so fondly label Judeo-Christian Civilization when the coming struggle comes to a boil?

What place will the Michael Savages play in the fate of European peoples over the course of the twenty-first century? Can there be such a thing as /Our Jew/? Right now, it can be argued that Savage is doing more than any other single American to fight back against the sentiment that is enabling White genocide. This is the broadcast that reached over ten million listeners yesterday:

  • Savage Weiner isn’t the first Joo to expose his own kinsmen. Aaron Russo, (Hollywood film maker who made some pretty popular a list movies, in their time) Irwin Schiff, (wrote entire books exposing the illegality of the income tax) and numerous others have fought hard and paid a severe price even for standing for the truth that they stood for.

    They deserve credit. We can stand with anyone where we have common ground, without letting them into the inner circle. So long as boundaries are maintained, it’s both a reasonable and necessary thing to do.

    • Jon Steele

      ” We can stand with anyone where we have common ground, without letting them into the inner circle. “

      Exactly. That’s as far as our collaboration should go!

  • Saturnrules

    MICHAEL SAVAGE AIN’T NO CUCKSERVATIVE BITCH!! Check out my Rightist art at jonproby.com

  • Jon Steele

    “The Holocaust against the Jews under Hitler didn’t begin with the Germans.”

    Sorry Michael, no “holocaust” of Jews ever happened. Internment in concentration and labor camps is not a “holocaust.” The firebombing of Hamburg and Dresden and Tokyo and dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are holocausts–real, live, hot as Hell. bona fide holocausts. Unless some Jews were unfortunate enough to be in one of those locations, not a one perished in any “Holocaust.” Zero. Zip. None.

    Revisionist historians have thoroughly demolished the Jewish “Holocaust” legend but I don’t expect you to believe it because the “Holocaust” is a religious dogma to you Jews, facts and evidence (more correctly, lack of) be damned that thoroughly expose this false narrative.

    “It had its roots in nineteenth-century France with the French anti-Semite named Edouard Dumont, who started writing papers against the Jews”

    You’re correct about “its roots.” I’ve read some of Dumont’s work, and like all other “anti-Semites”, he was accurate, correct and spot-on what he wrote about the Jews of his day.