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Mixwandertrip123 and Why Tears Won’t Stop White Genocide

By January 28, 2018Blog

This my response to Reddit user Mixwandertrip123’s post, “I am a former White Supremacist and helped organize Charlottesville. AMA” The post is basically the regrets of a former, “White Supremacist” now throwing in the towel because of the death of Heather Heyer (I’m guessing he never caught her mother’s admission that she died of a heart attack, or the video clearly showing she was never hit by James Field’s car, but I digress,) the alleged suicide of a friend, and the unexpected consequences of trying to be a revolutionary. There was no talk of what he plans to do now, whether he will hide, or become an anti-racist activist. What follows is my response:

Cucking doesn’t work. Apologies are never accepted by the enemy. Quitting the Nationalist movement doesn’t stop our racial dispossession. Estrangement from one’s family doesn’t stop Tyrone from beating an old White man to death, or Mohammed from raping an innocent White child. No amount of your tears will stop White Genocide. Only ACTION will do that.

Unite the Right, or any large street demonstration like that, was inevitable. Ideas of great strength demand manifestation. This is why I never take the, “Unite the Right was a total failure and we should have never done it” argument seriously. Unite the Right was destiny, absolutely guaranteed and unavoidable. It was inevitable that we would take public space, and that the state would fight back. You didn’t really think they’d just hand over the reigns of power did you?

After the empire struck back against us that fateful day in Charlottesville, I predicted a movement-wide migration would occur. I was right.

Conflict unveils character. Quite a few of us learned or confirmed who we were that day. We all saw the quiet guy confront the danger, and the loudmouth flee to the back of the line. We saw the internet’s most outspoken disappear, and the often overlooked now the recipients of praise for defending their brothers on that day.

We saw some Nationalist groups stand strong, and some tuck tail in retreat. We saw long standing stalwarts in the content creation community go dark, and saw some once considered to be normie republican types, dig their heels in and harden up, now understanding the score. We saw people change from this group to that group after the day’s performance. We saw who would fight for their political prisoners and who would abandon them. Who would defend their men and who would throw them under the bus. We saw who would and wouldn’t punch right in the headlines of our websites.

This is a good thing, and will only serve to separate the wheat from the chaff moving forward.

Now we have a better understanding of who is reliable in a time of need, whether in combat, or concerning one’s welfare. We know who is and who isn’t all talk. Mixwandertrip123’s story, if true, speaks of a non-hacker who unfortunately didn’t have the guts to see this through. It’s good that the weak leave now before anyone truly depends on them.

This is WAR. The everyday headlines and TV shows should reaffirm that for you. The jews and their spineless shabboz goy pets will never stop until Whites are but a memory in the slowly fading mind of an old brown male.

It’s time to take this seriously. There is no doubt Mixwandertrip123’s never thought it would go beyond Pepe memes, and the, “winning” would ever stop. It’s all fun and games until you realize, in person, that the state isn’t laughing. Man up folks, we’re just getting started, and there will be casualties.


JC Hagen

  • GreatApeNiggy

    He couldn’t even say he left the movement because he was convinced our rhetoric was wrong. He didn’t say that race realism was proven wrong to him by this source or that. He merely left because he was scared of losing social status points. He would rather try to bury facts to look good to people who want him dead than to use truth to resist leftist power.

    Basically the worst kind of cuck. It won’t work. They won’t allow the “good whites” a safe space to exist. Either we win or our people die.