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I’m a Jarhead

By March 23, 2018Music, Video


I’m a jarhead
My favorite color is khaki green
I’m a jarhead
Runnin’ through the jungle with my M16
I’m a jarhead
I don’t give a fuck
I’m a jarhead
And I’m gonna fuck you up

They gave me a gun and they taught me how to shoot
They sent me to Iraq and gave me somethin’ to do
Don’t know what’s right; don’t care what’s wrong
I joined up just to get the chance to fucking shoot someone
I’m crazy

Don’t give a damn about human rights
I grab my k-bar and slip off into the night
Don’t really care who has to die
I’ll shoot you dead one shot, one kill, with a bullet ‘tween the eyes

I’m a jarhead
I like foreign girls and Orion Beer
I’m a jarhead
The mutherfuckin’ tip of the spear
I’m a jarhead
I spend my libbo gettin’ drunk
I’m a jarhead
I was born to drink, fight, and fuck

I’m a cowboy in my MRAP, up in the turret gun
When those towel-heads start to run you know I’m having fun
Driving through the desert in the hot Iraqi sun
I woke up, smoked a cigarette, and then I killed someone
I’m crazy

They taught me some Arabic in hopes I’d communicate
But I never use it, all I use is my grenades
You won’t ever catch me makin’ peace with some towel-head
I won’t sleep a fucking wink ’til every last Muslim is dead
I’m crazy

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