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HateHouse 11

By December 28, 2017Hate House, Podcasts


Greeting shitbags! Back from a week off it is I who edited and released the show this week. Criticize it because I need to get better at doing this.

This week I (Larry Ridgeway) am joined by Johnny Monoxide of The Paranormies to discuss a number of things. Things ranging from the white nigger owned pitbull who kills his neighbor to huge dicks on walls in degenerate ass New York City. Listen and share. One share = one AMREN BORTHER


  • TheRedWolf 1488

    Better than the last one. A little boring towards the end with just one guest. And vaping is much gayer than lung cancer.

    • Larry Ridgeway

      Thanks man. I appreciate it. Yeah, it was the first week alone and we didn’t have a lot of prep.

      Ps: lung cancer is pretty gay fam.

  • 531F-8145 R351570R

    lol @ Larry about to throw up after mentioning cernovich’s wife’s curry p*ssy

  • AmRen borthers!

  • Optics Waffen

    I was pretty broken up about “alc right rises” going kaput. Then found a random episode of this show floating on Youtube, and there was a link to V.V.com in the description. Hell yeah borther!! Look forward to the next one.

  • What was song at end? ♬