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Hate House Episode 9

By December 11, 2017Hate House, Podcasts
  • The Somalisher

    Direct DL link is fucked. File doesn’t autosave in any format so it can’t be played.

  • But Haiti is suffering from external problems that it can’t help. I mean, it’s not like the island of Espanola is divided in half and the other non-Haitian half is fully functional and civilized or anything. Oh, shit. . . wait. . .

  • 531F-8145 R351570R

    This is what the ARR needed to be
    Keep it up

  • 531F-8145 R351570R

    Literally stop living where there are niggers. I dont encounter a single one, they only exist at the college and on the streets leading to it, if that place were to close tomorrow they’d all be shipped back to westchester or turn into nigsicles
    Northern rural zones are our white no-go zones, we need to establish this de-facto before the california transplants all move in to escape diversity and then ruin it by re-creating the same problems

  • 531F-8145 R351570R

    Finally, tackling the Southron Question


    “I want to save *a* White race”


  • Frank Saxon

    Bring back War Room. At least Christmas episode!