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Hate House Episode 8

By December 3, 2017Hate House
  • TheRedWolf 1488

    Almost threw up listening to some of this shit. I honestly had to stop for awhile. Shit is beyond disturbing. Love this show please never stop. Let’s fill the ovens!

  • Genghis Cohn

    Thank you all for this episode. I only found the Shoah/TRS 2 years ago and I’m still learning just how deep the rot goes with (((these people))). Jayoh’s right – I’d heard of the Kinsey Scale in college, but knew nothing about the sick fuck himself or his perversions. Shit’s hard to listen to, but we all NEED to hear it, so we can spread the word even further.

    I’d say this episode and the episode of the Shoah from a couple months ago where the Death Panel detailed how the (((merchants))) were behind our opioid crisis were the most informative shows I’ve heard all year. Good job, goys. If you have any other JQ bombshells you’ve been wanting to share, I’m sure we’d all like to hear them.

  • CraftyBooms

    Sick Fucking discussion! Very needed though. This shit will definitely be stuck in my head.

    Let the 14 words carry us 88 years into the future!

  • TrueCaesar

    God did i miss confessor lol

  • Just say no to the nicotine joo fam.

  • Isay Fomich Bumstein

    First visit. Gritty topic. Kinsey and Willhelm Reich were nation wreckers. Popular with gender bolsheviks.
    In contrast, two class brothers patrol thots, See IRL in Germany, Munich.


  • ThrowAway

    Just got around listening to it. That is some seriously messed up stuff. Thanks for putting this out there.