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Hate House Episode 1

By October 7, 2017Hate House, Podcasts
  • 531F-8145 R351570R

    first niggers

    • Barb Spurlock

      Jews die first. Then niggers.

  • Charles Laurence

    No download button. Why not?

  • Giles

    RSS please

  • Jakky

    >churches places of worship

    This part triggered me as well, *sigh* a friends fiance took us to a minigolf/club that sold booze etc in side of a church, each hole had a gimmick like pool table, sand pit or junkyard and the like.

    At the top level of the place had a statue of an Angel with a minigolf caddy bag hanging off her.

    Sadly I cucked as I didn’t want to ruin the night with politics and get her all emotional and all that.