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God-Emperor Expels Hordes of Ungrateful El Salvadoran Opportunists

By January 8, 2018Blog


The Trump administration is finally ending the Temporary Protected Status granted to nearly 200,000 El Salvadoran “earthquake” refugees. It was granted over ten years ago by the Bush administration and, I think we can all agree, ten years is a span of time that almost defies the term “temporary.” It’s about damn time. And this news comes after the Trump administration has already done the same in regards to 45,000 Haitians benefitting from the same status designation. Hell yeah, this is great news! Ooh-rah.

But the liberal-communist-traitors are mad again. Imagine that.

The New York Times used this picture when covering the story in a naked attempt to get people to feel sorry for these poor, poor helpless people. But look: that girl barely even looks ten years old. WTF?

I mean, think about it: what the Hell are these “temporary” refugees still doing here? You’ve had over ten years to get your shit together. Obviously, these are a bunch of naked opportunists, who have been hoping that the bureaucratic Leviathan would forget about them and let them stay indefinitely. We Americans invited them here out of the kindness of our heart, to help them in a time of need, and what do they do? Out stay their welcome. Move in and presume to now live here. Take over the living room. Spill junk food everywhere. Piss all over the toilet seat. What a bunch of ungrateful human debris. Thank God that Trump has finally dashed their hopes of turning what was meant and understood by all to be a temporary arrangement into a permanence.

Never mistake our kindness for weakness again, you Third World scum. This is America. You lose; we win. Blame yourself or God.